Stupid Channel 9

I don’t live in Wollongong… I dont give a rat’s ass about the Dragons, why do I have to watch that crap live before the biggest game of the year on a two-hour delay? 👿 :deadhorse:

I am so cranky right now… 👿

Yep same here,not happy.

I was stoked all week, thinking this game was live. They were even advertising it as live earlier this week.

Then today it says WIN viewers get the Dragoons game live.

What a deadset Bugger!!! I hate not knowing whats going on when the Tigers are playing and Live Radio although good, just doesnt do it for me either.

Sorry to hear thats what there doing to you guys.

I usually end up falling alseep on the couch by mid-way through the second half.

I’m going to turn my phone off. Stay away from the internet. Not listen to to radio….

Gotta stay strong! Such a big game. So peeved it’s not live in country areas!

Go for a drive, away from win tv

Fox is playing silly buggers as well. No usual Friday night 9.30 time slot for the Wests Tigers game, no it’s on at 1.30am Saturday morning. For once it will be on WIN (12.30am) before Fox!

Wtf? It said Wests were on first earlier in the week…

Why are they showing the game with the QLD team first in NSW? 😕

I don’t live in the Wollongong Illawarra area or anywhere near it or Sydney and Channel 9 or WIN if you prefer out here has been advertising the Dragons game first too.

That said, the Footy show promos for the Friday Night games did emphasise that the Wests Tigers game would be the Sydney game. So I am confused as the rest of you. I certainly don’t want to watch the Broncos go around.

mongrels mongrels mongrels mongrels mongrels mongrels mongrels

well the NRL has both games listed as live broadcast…. the yahoo TV guide has us listed for 7:30pm… guess we’ll know for sure come game time

While I can empathise, welcome to my world in Brisbane. We have to endure that every week because of QLD teams being shown first.

My best advice is don’t drink too much before the first game ends and have a little lie down beforehand so you’re ready to go.

Thanks Mikey. One of the many reasons not to live in Brisbane 😉
Not sure if my nerves are going to be able to take not drinking too much before the start of the 2nd game.

So, in Sydney is the Tigers game on at 7.30 (as listed in my tv guide) or 9.30? I have to program my video

before I head off to the game. Anyone know for sure?∂=sports

Keep an eye out there anyone who can watch the game live… live stream online. The station becomes available at 6:35pm

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