Things That Will Happen

Get ye’ crystal balls out and attempt to predict what will happen tonight… 😃

For me, I have a funny feeling this game will be decided by a contentious refereeing decision in the final minutes.

Also, rather than the much promoted superstars ie; Hayne, Marshall having a huge impact on the game, I think a much less hyped player will have the most impact… Lawrence, Moltzen, Lui, Inu, Mortimer etc…

Last but not least, hopefully a Tigers win! :wahoo:


although i think the contentious call will come in the 1st half and then the team benefiting on the ref will have all the momentum coming to the half time break and go on with a convincing win

also i don’t rate hayne and marshall to have big games.

what i would love is for none other then robert lui to kick a field goal in the dying seconds when parra were only concerned about taking out marshall and farah 😉

Lui to do one miraculous feat in an otherwise solid game - and to be pasted all over the papers tomorrow.

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