Beau Ryan

I have been vocal in bagging Crabman when I have felt it was warranted.
However, tonight,he stood up,played hard and showed guts.
I stood and cheered when they showed him on the sideline with the interchange card coming back on in the second half!
Well Done Crabman - from me to you - RESPECT :righton:

Ditto tiger3. Had a gutsy game tonight.

He has really improved over the last couple of weeks and I don’t think he was that bad before this good period.

Played well and has done for atleast 6 weeks now.

I was 1 that thought he shouldve been dropped earlier in the year and even last year

I’ll agree with you on this one tiger3. He was needed and showed ticker.

at the start of the season i didn’t like this bloke. but the last few weeks he’s come good.
and when they showed him coming back on I actually said thank christ.
he showed some good pace and courage just to come back out there… i was hoping it wasn’t premature and it’d be a similar scenario to KG against souths.

he always puts in 100%. i get suprised why so many ppl on here rip into him.


he always puts in 100%. i get suprised why so many ppl on here rip into him.

Agreed, the guy is quality. He is becoming a good finisher.

Happy to eat humble pie with performances like that… another solid game and very courageous game at that

I haven’t been a fan of Ryan’s all year. However he has turned his form around the past few weeks and I also cheered when he was holding the interchange card. Definitely becoming a finisher, rather then letting it go over the sideline. 3 doubles from 3 games, or 7 tries from 4 games.

I read somewhere that his was the Rubber man or something to that effect. He demonstrated that name last night, being more bendable then Gumby

Ryan played well last night and did well to get back on the field in the second half after injuring his knee. He’s cut a lot of the sideways running out of his game which has also benefitted him.

You showed guts last night mate …hats off to ya!

Thought he was rubbish when I first saw him but he has improved every game since he has stopped the crabbing. Puts in 100% effort and that’s all I ever ask of a player. He will improve even more with every game he plays IMO.

ive been really critical of him this year but he has played well recently. But i just hope it isnt because he is feeling the pressure to keep his spot with all the backs we are signing. Having said that i would rather have tuquiri on the wing.

Once again Ryan’s inside men let him down in defence. Was short on numbers on his wing all night. An ongoing issue.

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