Tuiaki ......



OMG!! what are we going to do Now!!?
I feel sorry for him Big time…

Maybe it’s Pat Richards '05 all over again !

He might have to get use to the needle.

It is broken…The Fitz keeps his record and we loose TNT for 09 😦


It is broken…The Fitz keeps his record and we loose TNT for 09 😦

And that sux. TNT is so much better than fitzhenry, and the talk he’s coming back makes me feel sick 😕 Really hope there’s some kind of miracle and TNT is nto as badly injured as it appears. 😢

Has anyone heard any news? What was the initial diagnosis? Ankle? I was at the game, didn’t look good.

Won’t know anything official until tomorrow but the club doctor suspects his ankle is broken. Massive blow for the Tigers and TNT who was in career best form.

where taniella comes from they have special herbs and spices - he’s a different breed. Expect the unexpected with him.


suspected broken ankle

No Doctor but Tui looked in a lot of pain….going up the tunnel

Very unfortunate for the tank. If its broken his season is over and he will probably miss the test tour as well.

Arguably the turning point of the match,& probably the turning point of our season.
Hard to replace

the way the defender landed on it and TNT was going down, it would be impossible not to break.
i was so upset seeing him go off like that.
hands down winger of the year.
i do not think he will be back this season unless we make the big GF. that will give him 6 odd weeks and thats pushing it.
hope he gets well soon.

It’s a big blow if it’s broken.

Who do we have to play wing??

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