Good Effort

It was a very good effort from the boys tonight considering the backline was allover the shop with the injuries. Poor old Morris had to play wing as did Ayshford.

I’m sure there’ll be the usual threads about Moltzen’s not a fullback, Benji’s not a half, Lui’s not a half blah blah blah, but the fact is take the injuries out and we win comfortably. I could see they put everything into it, and copped a heap of shocking calls.

Thanks for the effort boys.

Here here. The boys have put their heart in since about a third of the way through this year. Injuries have hurt as has no luck.

yep great effort…. hope they have more in the tank and excited to see who we pluck up from reserve grades.

I don’t think anyone would have beaten Parra tonight.

agree….a tad hard to beat 14 [or is it 15 now? are the 2 referees considered one or two for this purpose?]


I don’t think anyone would have beaten Parra tonight.

omg somebody call the comp off right now and give parra the throphy…lol…we play smart we win … we played dumb and paid the price …simple as that …

agree was a good effort, but we lost so we need more effort!!!

Yeh agree with Tigers Tigers, we didnt play smart enough to win, but also agree with everyone on our effort, everyone tried their guts out and that all u can ask. I remember the last few years when we lost it felt like we were’nt putting in, and i really struggled to deal with that, but this year we are digging deep and its great, win or lose.

great effort by the boys. i think at the end the heavy calls against us cost us and also the fact our kicking game had them getting tackled on their 20 and 30m line on 1st eventually worse us down.
archer needs to go. and im sure uz know what i mean by go.

Agree with all the above.

To be honest, I thought we were gone for all money at half time.
How sweet it would have been if Haynes kick had bounced the other way!!

Moltz or Benji under the posts 😢

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