Bouncing back from that loss...the ultimate test

I thought we were superb tonight. The forwards dominated Parramatta physically and we were the better team overall. The 50-50’s just about ALL went their way…a painful, painful, painful loss.

I saw big Gareth at the end with his head in his hands…Robbie was absolutely shattered…that wasn’t a normal game, it was a season defining game and we lost it.

I really think we’ll have a very good team in 2010 and I’ve turned right around on Sheens…the pieces are there to be a contender and he, to his credit, has put those pieces in place. We have a very young backline.

But this season isn’t over. Bouncing back from that kind of loss…and, let’s be realistic it was devestating, is going to take a hell of a coaching performance AND a hell of a lot of leadership from our leaders AND a hell of a lot of maturity from our youngsters.

The next week is going to tell us a lot about where we are as a footy team.

Side note: credit to all the Tigers fans out there tonight. It was like a semi final and I was bloody proud that most people stayed and clapped the fellas off after the game. They really gave it everything tonight.

Terrific post cnx; I agree with all of that.

Thanks Pete. I never sleep well after losses like that and the Cricket is off due to rain…and the Broncos won. Just getting my feelings out there.

Argh well, such are the highs and lows of footy.


Terrific post cnx; I agree with all of that.

I second that. The players now have the weekend to recover and then need to turn their attention to the Titans which will be a fast, expansive game I reckon. We’ve got some injuries and probable suspension to come out of tonight so it’s vital that the Tigers regroup and refocus. We’re going to need to win both remaining games to make the finals so there’s no point dwelling on tonights loss because the Tigers certainly did play well for the most part.

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