Game moved to Campbelltown?

I just read this on DT website

Toyota Cup NRL fixture cancelled, Wallabies and Springboks cancel training session

BREAKING NEWS: Sydney’s big wet is threatening ANZ Stadium’s busiest football weekend of the year.

Tonight’s Bulldogs-Parramatta Eels Toyota Cup fixture has been abandoned and the final Wallabies-Springboks training sessions have also been moved to preserve the surface.

Wests Tigers are also poised to shift tomorrow night’s curtain raiser from Leichhardt Oval to Campbelltown, while the staging of Sunday’s South Sydney Rabbitohs-New Zealand Warriors Toyota Cup game will depend how the drenched Homebush venue recovers from the Tri-Nations opener.

While they are confident the surface will hold up in the face of torrential rain and three games in as many days, ANZ Stadium officials are concerned about their ability to change line-markings and sponsorship logos between the fixtures.

They discussed the problem with NRL and ARU staff late yesterday, before a call was made to move tonight’s Toyota Cup as a first precaution.

The Bulldogs are yet to nominate an alternate venue.

Rugby bosses also agreed to shift captain’s runs for both teams, originally scheduled to take place at ANZ Stadium this morning.

The Wallabies will now have their final hit-out at St Joseph’s College.

The heavy scrummaging and mauling associated with the rugby is expected to test the surface further tomorrow night, but NRL operations manager Nathan McGuirk said the league was still keen to keep two Sunday games as they both scheduled for live broadcast on Fox Sports.

“If we have to get our ground manager there (on Sunday morning), to check on how the surface is holding up, we’ll do that.”

An ANZ Stadium spokeswoman said the ground had been airated and remained confident of a stable playing surface throughout the weekend.

“It might not look the best by Sunday, but we are very confident stability and safety will not be a problem,” the spokeswoman said.

“The main issue is making sure the paint sticks for the different line marking and that’s why we’ve taken the precautionary measures.”

Is the drainage that bad at Leichardt?

Probably more of a spectator viewing area problem. Isn’t there a lot more seating at cambo?, thus less grassed area.
At a guess it would be a safety concern at LO


having a dig at Liechardt mate?

why not have a dig at Telstra, or Shark Park for moving games as well?

no why would I have a go at Liechardt for?

I was being serious

do u know what curtain raiser means?

they could still move the main game if this weather keeps up

They will not move the main game.

If they played in Perth than the game will go ahead at Leichhardt


They will not move the main game.

If they played in Perth than the game will go ahead at Leichhardt

thats exactly right, the rain was much muh worse there. surely they cant move the venue 24 hours before!!!

Just read on Triple M, can’t get the URL, sorry guys but not hard to find, that Leichardt got the worst of the rain storm in Sydney with 200mm and ANZ with 120mm and we are supposedly moving our game to Cambelltown for round 20, wether it will be moved they can’t confirm but it’s looking to be most likely.

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all i want is the two points - wherever it may be.

Defiantly AHX, but then I do love watching us at Leichardt, so does that mean we will get to play there later in the year?

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They will not be moving the main game. Moving the 20’s might happen as a way of limiting damage to the surface for the first grade match.
Mind you, I live in Camperdown and we’ve had over 200 mm of rain so far this week. I imagine Leichhardt will have copped a similar amount.

This game should not be moved. It is a scheduled Leichhardt game. Campbelltown are looking forward to their Sunday afternoon clash with the Gold Coast under sunny skies. The Balmain yocals can enjoy the slip and slide tomorrow and the flooded dunnies.

I live @ Campbelltown & we have had plenty of rain aswell, so who knows.

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