I went to the game last night and was well in the midst of the army (rare occurrence)

During the game I loved it, the chants, the passion etc… was all good to see

However full time comes, we’ve lost, and the need to bag them out about premierships comes up

At one point doing it whilst swearing at a bloke who had his daughter on his lap… disgraceful…

I don’t want us to be one of those teams that says “when’s your last premiership?” - on the night that didn’t matter to me, I was shattered that the game was taken away by that damn Hayne…

I dunno, we lost, accept it… no need to be sore losers I suppose

That is all

Yeah. That doesn’t suprise me.

We should have caged that type of Tigers fan and the scum Parra fans together

When Archer walked off after the game the guy sitting in front of me threw a bottle at his head. Cops and security swarmed on him. I’m disappointed the bottle missed.

ah, thats a huge shame.
being a tigers supporter is something you should only ever feel proud of and it upsets me that people can let a loss (as gutwrenching as it may have been) make them forget their civility.
come on tigers fans. if any of you are reading, lets maintain our good reputation and not let the bigger picture escape us.

  • caution! intellectual moment coming!!

to paraphrase american/jewish intellect Noam Chomsky "sports is a great way of diverting peoples attention from the things that really matter"

I just don’t get it

We literally JUST lost, hell that’s if the game was even over, may have still had a minute to go or so

Who really gives a stuff at that time about premierships?

People with no lives who can’t take a loss and are deperatley holding on to their last memory of their life being good?

Well that would be my guess

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