Which Channel would you like to see get FTA rights

So who is your pick to get the Free to Air rights for the football
Anyone but 9 is my opinion
Least with ABC you get no ads even if it is not live
Reckon Channel 10 \One HD will get it though
What do you think ??

Any channel that will treat the game with a little respect and promote it accordingly.

I dont care who gets it as long as they pay real big money for it.


I dont care who gets it as long as they pay real big money for it.

Double edged sword there. The more they pay for it the more they will want to get back from it in terms of Ad revenue.

I would like to see the it back the wat it used to be ( although it will never happen ) The saturday ABC coverage was gold …

I hope channel 10 gets it.

I just want Vautin gone.

Cant stand his face or his voice.

i dont really care who gets it as long as there are still 2 games on friday night, one live on saturday night, one live on sunday arvo, and monday night football all on free to air. foxtel can have the other 3 games

One HD, every game live. LEGGO!

It will be between 9 and 7 IMO. I think both will go all out to get it. Be interesting to see if they keep the same format with 2 fri, 3 sat, 2 sun n Monday night…

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I hope 10/One do NOT get it!

No one out this way would watch any of the games at all.

I would love to see the return of Saturday Afternoon NRL

Channel 7 wont do it because it clashes with their afl. It will be between 9 , 10 and fox. Saturday arvo games would be ideal. Perhaps do a 3.30 5.30 7.30 super saturday rather then a 5.30 7.30 9.30 format.

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Its been said by Gallop nine will get it if they pay the right price if not they will go across the road to there rivals…

I want ten, they could put classic matches and everything on one hd. Twould Be good

channel 10 have done a reasonable job with their thursday and monday night shows (someone just needs to tell ricky he doesn’t get paid per word he says and he doesn’t need to answer every questions)

plus 10 don’t really have much else going for them so they would be able to show the majority of games FTA

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