Kicking game

id spend a good amount of time getting our kickers to work on the kicking game.
Especially the long kicking game,

We have had a horrid kicking game all year, and friday night was just the pinnacle of it.

IMo thi9s was the difference between us winning and losing……our kicking was abysmal all night.

Ive been saying for a long time we need an ex-AFL player like Paul Kelly to fine tune our kicking. Benji has a great boot, if he could just fine tune it he’d have the best kicking game in the comp.

We use the wrong kicks in the wrong position….40 out and upo goes the bomb, coming down on their 20???
P weak chase just magnifies to ineptness of it all

I reckon the plan was the big up and under to minimise Haynes abiltity to bring the ball back.

Good plan,but poorly executed.

I think that is where we show real imaturity as a team - our kick and our chase.

For the most part I belive it is our chase - countless times I have seen Benji put a sweet kick into the corner or in-goal on to watch the fullback run it back at ease ( Wade McKinnon in NZ comes to mind). We put a bomd up agianst Hayne and from the time it left Lui boot you could see exactly were Hayne would run it back - striaght down the middle - just no chase.

Something we really need to work on!!


IMo thi9s was the difference between us winning and losing……our kicking was abysmal all night.

That and offloads: us not getting enough away and unable to stop theres.

Galloway and Ellis apparently had great offloaing ability at their respective previous clubs, yet they too haven’t featured too prominently. Could be a plan to minimise errors.
Ability to stop offloads comes from an ability to make a one-on-one ball-and-all tackle. Not too many Tigers players have been renowned for that.

Our kicking game can deffinately improve and needs too.

The Tigers wil certainly need to improve their kicking game if they are to trouble the GC. The kicking game had been reasonable in recent weeks but it dropped off badly against the Eels, with Farah uncharacteristically poor and Benji also struggling. The team needs to work on getting the ball into the corners this week and then execute on saturday evening.

As someone mentioned before its not just how bad our kicks are, its the fact we take the wrong options at the wrong times. Like when the games on the line and we are on the half way and we decide to run it on the last to John Morris who is one on one with eric grothe???

Our kicking game has never been good. Farahs is ok. Benjis as a halfback is below average, and you can talk up the rumours of Moltzens kicking game all you want, but hes never showed it.

How many tries do we score off kicks during our 6 game run? Absolutely none. One against Manly when the wingers were still running back for a linebreak.

Our kicking game is just all wrong. Any time we put a kicking game noone is hanging off the kickers shoulder. Think back to 05 whenever Prince put a kick on there was Marshall and Whatuira just off his shoulder.

Mmm Friday night, i don’t think i saw a kicking game… because as you would in your own half, decide to run it and then get tackled putting the pressure straight back on your defence, i think there is a lack of kicking as well as poor choices when it comes to kicks, The long kicks are terrible, especially on friday too many landing and stopping near Parra 20m the Short kicking was off and the bombs weren’t anything special. We need Moltzen back in the 7 because it helps take the pressure off Benji were as Lui was a dam set statue on Friday i don’t think i saw him kick once 😮 a number 7 who doesn’t kick isnt what we need especially against Titans and Bulldogs coming up.

I couldn’t how bad they were kicking friday night, there was nothing in any of them…
Poor option on the last cost us plenty as well, Lui seemed to be playing more of a catch and pass then anything else… I’m sick of hearing how big of boot Moltzen has Sheens has said it more then once this year that he ahs the biggest boot in the club, about time to put up or shut up as we haven’t seen much of it yet…

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