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Note: Please no “if we win 2 were in, simple”
Stolen from LU.

10th 26pts F/A +65 Run Home: Titans (A) Bulldogs (SFS)
Highest Finish: 6th
Lowest Finish: 12th

Tough run home, if they win both remaining games, they should finish in the 8.
HOWEVER, they can still finish outside the 8 if all the following results take place:

Broncos beat Cowboys and Raiders
Eels beat Panthers and Dragons
Knights beat Raiders and Panthers
Sea Eagles beat Sharks and Titans
Storm beat Roosters or Warriors

They can still finish as high as 6th if any of these results go the other way.
If they win one game and lose one game, they can still take 8th if:

Penrith beat Parramatta this week (Round 25)



missed some
and 2 of the following happen:
Newcastle lose to Canberra (Round 25)
Brisbane lose to Cowboys and Canberra
Parramatta lose to Dragons (Round 26)
Sea Eagles lose to Sharks and Titans (Depending on For and Against)


Parramatta beats Penrith this week (Round 25)

and 2 of the following happen:
Canberra beats Newcastle (Round 25)
Brisbane lose to Cowboys and Canberra
Sea Eagles lose to Sharks and Titans (Depending on For and Against)
If they lose both games their season is over.

ok delete this thread im just confused LOL

No need for confusion.Its simple,if we win last 2 games we are in,if we lose 1 then we can sit back & think what could have been or better yet what should have been.
There are no excuses this season we should have been well entrenched in the 8 by this stage of the season 😠

It is still mathematically possible for us to finish as high as 4th. We just need the roosters and warriors to beat the storm, and all the teams above us to win a maximum of 1 out of the 2 remaining games.

Yes, it is that easy… 😉

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