LUI - Improved.

I have been a Lui basher for the last few months.

But credit where it is due. He played a reasonably good game last night (Panthers)and is clearly improving. Keep it going Robert Lui. I ask for nothing more than what you are paid to do.

If he keeps up the form and effort, we will go a long way. Isn’t a world beater just yet, but definitely improving.

i understood lui for the first time against illawarra in the semis last year. I’ve liked him ever since. He will only get better with time. look at sandow. i just hope the rumours are not true that he is leaving.

he goes alright when he doesn’t try and do too much. some days i see potential worth persevering with, other days i think there is too many rough edges. last couple games ive been happy with


Robert Lui = X Factor

He is our X Factor for the finals and our long term answer!

I hope all u lui bashers watched the under 20s, because miller and sirro have a long way to go to become nrl players they were woeful tonight. Lui was great again tonight and will only get better with age hes only 21 one, he has so much more a head of him, GO THE TIGERS ALL THE WAY.

He is like a John Simon / Ian Russell type of player but he is getting a bit of Thurston in him as well when he looks to the edges.

He is a gem and I am proud of the way he has come along and the Fonz deserves credit for his development.

looked dangerous all night. looked great running towards the line!

Good post BP Tiger

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Yep, I’m eating humble pie and starting to look like a knob in relation to Robert Lui.

Another tidy game against the Dragons, and really looking like he belongs there. I have to say at the moment I would not swap him for anyone else. Proved me wrong so far.

Well done Rob.

Been a fan since I saw him in the u/20’s. I knew once he matured and got used to calling the plays with Farah and Benji in the side that you would see the best of him.

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^ True, it must be difficult to find the right balance of involvement and decision making when sharing the duties with those two!

In any case, the most pleasing aspect of his game now is the improvements made in his defence.

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