Your Favourite Australian or Foreign Comedy Sketch

Your Favourite Australian or Foreign Comedy Sketch

Let’s have a laugh while we wait for tomorrow’s afternoon game to roll around. This thread can be a good one to go to ,when you are not at the game and reading a live thread ,when the boys are done by 2 at half time and the regular baggers (they know who they are) are derailing the team’s efforts.

Please look up on You Tube your favourite Comedy Sketch (Australian or from Overseas)

Here are some Aussie ones to start things off

The Legendary Carl Baron….Throngs & Words.

Fast Forward: New Faces - Michelle & Ferret

Austen Tayshus - Australiana [Full and uncensored]

Paul Hogan - Delvene Delany Clip ‘Hot Legs’.…Not that Funny , but Delvene at her beautiful best

i like any sketch of george carlin - i saw him live once in las vegas. but he’s not for everyone. smartest comedian on earth.

This is one of my favourites….


This is one of my favourites….

😆 good one!

History of Golf by Robin Williams


Gerge Carlin x2

Very funny…… I had to forward this link on to all my religious friends

Eddie Murphys Bill Cosby skit always sends me into a fit of laughs.

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Paul Hogans Leo Wanker skits
Austen Tayshus Live is brilliant
Austen Tayshus Mick and Keef skit (Rolling Stones take off Brilliant)


History of Golf by Robin Williams

That’s a cracker.

A few years old now but still gives me a laugh:

Arj Barker always lifts me up:

Dave Chappelle show….Eddie Murphies brother Charlie reminiscing about his friendship with Rick James…F.A.F!!!

PART 1 =

PART 2 =

Louis CK - Awesome Possum bit

Mr Show - Change For A Dollar sketch

The UK Sketch Show -

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