Marshall will win Dally M

yep, you heard me right.

for so long i was a benji basher (as turnstyle and formerly jt6572) so probably a surprise me opening this topic….

i saw the votes after round 16 on fox and marshall is about 9 behind thurston. given his injury and the tigers form of late, i think marshall will score heavily and overtake JT.

im not sure i would rate him the best player in the nrl, and i don’t think this could even be called his best season, but the fact is he garners a lot of attention and even if he only does a few things in a game the tigers win he gets MOTM and all the headlines.

his only competition in a winning team usually only comes from farah (in the media) and he hasn’t done so well all year IMO, so no votes lost to him either.

personally, i think there are better players, but the likes of slater and smith compete with each other for votes and don’t have the ‘beacon’ factor benji has at the moment. having said that, in my view marshall has become a far better player the last 2 seasons due to far less passes to the stands and kicks gone dead and out on the full.

i just really think he will win it.

no reason for this smilie - i just like it so here it is: :rant

Where abouts was Slater. If he was in the mix then my moneys on him. He’s by far the games best player by a country mile. He deserves the Dally M also.

Marshall has been playing well of late but he was missing the whole first half of this year.

I think Foran will get it.

Sandow has been getting MOM’s galore on FOX lately

yeh, Sandow should be in the mix somewhere.

god not the overrated THurston again I hope, he should lose points for handing the game to the bunnies

since round 16:

Against Eels = 0 points
Against Cowboys = 3 points
Against Roosters = 1 point
Against Manly = 3 points
Against Dragons = 1 point
Against Penrith = 0 points

That’s eight points since voting went secret, which puts him 1 point behind Thurston who wouldn’t have picked up any points since voting went behind closed doors. Considering the caliber of our opponents in the final three games, Benji should be able to pick up 4-6 if not 9 points in the remaining three games if he fires like we all know he can. But i don’t know how that would rank him with the likes of Slater and Sandow who are IMO, his biggest threats.

Slater will probably be favorite at the moment, but Benji should be thereabouts, and if he can hopefully pick up points tomorrow it will put him in good stead.

He’s looking good at the moment. Probably got another three points today. He would have polled of points after voting went behind closed doors.

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I seriously think if someone was to inform him of how close he is to winning it, he will explode in the next 2 weeks and win it easily. Any takers?

Personally, I don’t believe Benji gives two stuffs about winning The Dally M. He is not that shallow! If anything Benji has become a better team player, the way he allows the two Robbies to lead the way. Less pressure on himself, he is maturing very well and is a champion no doubt.

As great as it would be for him to win the Dally M reckon he will get second and either Foran or Thurston will win

fair points all. but i never said slater wasn’t the best player in the nrl, nor anyone else for that matter. for the record, i can’t stand slater but admit he is an amazing player.

all i was saying is that benji polls well as he is a big vote getter and being within striking distance to thurston at the time (rd 16) i give him a big chance. his first half of the season got him to where he is, so that point is moot.

i didn’t say he is the best player in the nrl, but given his vote getting ability and lack of competition within the tigers i think he will win. will see if i can get a screen cap of votes after round 16…

i think my point about him getting the headlines was vindicated when i switched over to fox news (foxtel) and the match headline in ‘breaking news’ said “marshall steers tigers win” or words to that effect.

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looking at this, i don’t know how well foran has gone. slater may get there, and would be a deserving winner i guess. depends on how smith has been going….

and sandow should rocket home too.

benji also has a history of polling very well in this.
will be interesting anyway.

Slater, Smith and Foran all more likely in my opinion.

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