Anyone else growing a beard?

I am currently growing a beard to show my solidarity with the Tigers players and their efforts for charity. Usually I just have a goatee type thingy. Anyone else?

No, I prefer to be clean shaven for my role (heavy client interaction,) and the only time I grow facial hair is for Movember when I’m rockin’ the Ron Jeremy mo.

It’s a great cause being sponsored by the boys though.

Actually started growing a beard one week before the tigers did. Everyone keeps asking me if I am emulating their efforts in the facial region.

Yep beard growthing has commenced

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I started but when it took shape there was too much grey in it and I was told to lose it, some people have not sense of solidarity or humour 😆

Cudos for all the beard brothers … I’m out I shaved last night.

I was told twice yesterday I looked like a bikie.

I’m back to Go-T only.

I did start but a snicked it.Im starting again…

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Yep got one growing. Bit of the MG look at the moment with the Bald head as well!

Started mine 33 years ago so guess I’m way in front of the tiges.

Have threatened to lose it a couple of times but have been told in no uncertain terms that it’s staying.

Noone would recognise me now.

I started to as a joke but I still grow facial hair like a teenager (despite being 23!), went unshaved for 3 weeks but it looked like most people’s 3-day growth haha.

Yep, I’m growing one on my back 😎

I wasn’t but I have a hobo beard going on because I have been lazy


Yep, I’m growing one on my back 😎


but yeh im some where between benji and blakey when it comes to beards my goaty go allright so i have come up with my efforts as GROW A GOAT FOR GROAT

It’s funny you know because I posted a message on Sunday night about growing a beard and some narc replied that there had been other posts on the same subject but it goes to show that with the amount of posts that the fans make we all miss a similar topic from time to time.
BTW, it has to be a full on beard, not a goatee or some arty farty style.

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