Gibbs suspended for THREE matches

Wests Tigers prop Bryce Gibbs has been suspended for three matches after failing to have a dangerous contact charge downgraded at the NRL judiciary on Wednesday night.

Gibbs will miss the final two matches of the minor premiership and the first week of finals should the 10th-placed Tigers make the top eight.

He was handed a grade two charge by the NRL match review committee for dropping his knees into the back of Parramatta winger Luke Burt during the Eels’ 26-18 victory over the Tigers at Sydney Football Stadium last Friday night.

Had the Tigers been successful in having the charge downgraded, Gibbs would have been free to play Gold Coast in Robina on Saturday night.

Tigers chief executive Stephen Humphreys says Gibbs’ suspension may prove costly in terms of the club’s chance of making the finals.

“In the context of our season we paid a very big price for the eight-point try and add into that a three-game suspension for Bryce for what was accepted as accidental contact,” he said.

“It’s a tough one for us.”

The Tigers are one point outside the top eight and need to win their remaining fixtures if they are to have any chance of qualifying for their first finals series since winning the 2005 premiership.

It almost feels as if people dont want us in the finals…

OK, so, as i understand it, these are allowed:


But this is not:

😠 :deadhorse:

Yep…that’s it in a nutshell. It takes an idiot to understand an idiotic decision.

Yer, i can’t understand how the Thurston kick to the face was worth nothing but Gibbs is worth 3 weeks??? Even if i was a Cowboys supporter i’d be left scratching my head wondering how we got out of that one.

anyone with two working eyes can see that gibbs was trying to jump over burt. he mistimed his jump, add that to him not being a little guy and burt being off the ground at the time, accidental contact

stupid thurston purposely kicking someone is apparently legal though

Anyone with two working eyes can see that gibbs was trying to jump over burt.

😆x100 That’s quite possibly the funniest comment on this forum so far. Worst mistimed jump I have ever seen.

And the silence reagrding the incident was defining on Nrl on Fox last night. The agenda is clear to see if it was anyone else or a “superstar” player they would have been blowing up over it or mentioned it to some extent but not even a coment from any of the panelists.

NRL/Fox stitch up


It almost feels as if people dont want us in the finals…

100% correct. We have served our purpose for the NRL. Started a great run, got in contention for the finals (along with Parra) and this created a tv ratings bonanza for last Friday night. However, we won the comp in 2005, so we have to wait a few more years till it is our turn. Teams like Parra, St. George, Gold Coast (ie: any team that is yet to win the NRL) need to win the comp before we can again.

What a joke!! The more I see the replay the more peeved I get! 3 matchs is unfair for that offense (if you could call it that) 😒

What a joke.

Cost us the game and a thee matches.


PS……i thought Humphreys handled it prettl well.Said what he had to without making it nasty.

Complete joke but who is really surprised?

What a crock! I hope it serves to fire up the team.

Again proof that the nrl is out there to protect its image and its star attractions. Truth is Gibbs probably did get a fair sentance when you look at his case and his case alone. Clearly though in comparison with other cases this season Gibbs has been brutalised unfairly and all because he is just your average first grader.

I don’t want to side track this discussion, but there are double standards everywhere. This is what happens when you have a conflict of interest with the ownership and administration of the game.

I actually have no issue with whatever happens to Inglis this weekend as the evidence has been presented in court and a decision can be made by the NRL and Storm either way. The double standard is that the NRL suspended him until they heard the evidence in court, but Brett Stewart is allowed to play this weekend and no one knows anything of the evidence presented against him.

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