Ellis to front row next year...

Sherbet let a cat out during the press conference… Gaz played some front row. - “a taste of things to come”

Looking to have some great versatility net year in the forwards!

Go tiges - great scoreline and great goal line defence!

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excuse me for my ignorance but, who’s Sherbet?

I have no idea either…

Another thread on this already.

He’s talking about Sheens in the post game interview, but looks like he’s created his own new nickname for him lol

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The smart idea would be to go with a nickname on here that everyone recognizes e.g the Fonz, otherwise you will have people on here going :wtf

I reckon it’s one of those smart phones, that doesn’t know what you really mean at all!!

“Sherbet” wasn’t it? :roll


“Sherbet” wasn’t it? :roll

Maybe he leaves a fizzy taste in your mouth ??

@happy tiger:


“Sherbet” wasn’t it? :roll

Maybe he leaves a fizzy taste in your mouth ??



That is the second time I have read him called Sherbet, wondering if it a predictive text/autocorrect thing or some new nickname


He’s Sherbet cos you forget how much you love him?

Sheensy in an iphone is apparently sherbet - funny how that got more attention than the fact ellis might be a FR next year…

just clearing that up

he calls sheens “sherbet” because he thinks sheens is sweet, lol

why would we move ellis to the front row permanently? when attacking the opposition line he is great at running outwide as a 2nd rower, running hard onto the ball & into the gaps, and scoring tries (like fulton, and dwyer when he was fit 😦). i would rather blair play as a prop than ellis. ellis is 1 of the best 2nd rowers in the world. please leave him there

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