...a word on Beau

I am so happy with his form this year.

I have always been a supporter of his because he gives his all every game. He has been kicked from pillar to post on here over the years but the one fact remains…he is the toughest winger in the comp.

He is not just all heart though, he is great in open space, puts his body on the line, is a strong defender, has ball skills and is a great finisher…that effort from him tonight was every bit as good as what the games top rated finishers could have produced.

I dont want to go off half cocked but I do think he is currently in the top 6 wingers in the comp.

Well done Beau and thankyou for once again having a red hot go.

No argument here…Beau knows…how to play NRL!!!

And how to score a try, catch a bomb … He’s going really well!

he has stepped up big time

Playing great….very good post

Yeah best form of his career imo
But can someone help him with his dandruff problem
Its going to look really bad when we wear the black jersey again

Very proud of Beau. One aspect of his game which he has really improved on is under the high ball. I used to always cringe watching him take it but now he looks so comfortable! His passion when playing is so refreshing to watch, not many players show that much passion these days.

I have definitely not always been a supporter of his but this season he’s been very good.
He well and truly deserves to be in the starting 13 every week these days.

His playing very well. Form if his life. Well done to him.

If there was any doubt on his starting spot for the Semi’s, he has quashed that doubt. He is going very very well.

I wouldn’t swap him for any other winger in the comp at the moment. He is one of the best finishers in the game and we will be needing that particular talent come finals time.

yeah he’s going great

Happy to give credit where it is due, Beau knows how to play wing very well. What’s the story with the dandruff Happy???


Happy to give credit where it is due, Beau knows how to play wing very well. What’s the story with the dandruff Happy???

Well I’m guessing Cunno but every time he scores he rubs his head
I thought he was reminding his girlfriend that he had run out of dandruff shampoo thats all :slight_smile:

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