Warriors v Cowboys - what is the best outcome for the Tigers

This could have a big impact on our place in the 8.
What are the ramifications?
This is all getting a bit beyond me. :crazy
Best option always is a massive Tigers win :supporter:

the best will be us to win by a good margin and them to draw

The best option would be a narrow (1-12) Cowboys win and a Tigers win. That would see us play the Cowboys on Friday night at the SFS.
A Warriors win and a Dragons win against Penrith (likely) would see us play the Dragons at the same venue and date.

Best will be us winning by anything and warriors beating the cowboys.Or us winning by heaps and it doesnt matter bout the rest

Dragons game on Friday night and Warriors/Cowboys game is on Saturday at 5.30pm. Boys will know what they have to do when they play at 7.30 on Saturday night. Nail biting!

Dragons will most likely beat Penrith, bringing them to 33.

Tigers win will take us to 34.

Warriors win, we play Dragons.
Cowboys win, we play the Cowboys.

We have the wood over the cows and they would be easier opposition for us.Will bring back fond memories of 2005

We’ve got the dragons’ number too, mostly, so I don’t think it matters too much which team we come up against.

1.If we win and NQ win we will play NQ regardless of all other results (in sydney if they dont make +17 goal difference)

2. We win, NZ win and dragons win, We play dragons in sydney(If dragons lose will be warriors in sydney)

3. We lose, NQ and dragons win (We will be 6th and play brisbane, 5th and play NQ in QLD if dragons lose)

4 We lose, NZ win and dragons win (We will be 6th and play brisbane, 5th and play NZ in NZ if dragons lose)

That covers all possibilities. We should hope for a dragons loss as there is no way we can then come worse than 5th. It is now impossible for us to come worse than 6th.

Really dont like the idea of playing the Dragons,
Would have a bad feeling about that game 😕
NQLD or Warriors in Sydney = Win :slight_smile:

saints will beat penrith

then we really want the cowboys to beat warriors by less then 16 and we beat the sharks we will play the cows in sydney on friday.

really dont want to play the dragons in 4th v 5th

Let cowboys win so we’ll face them in semi’s and give them a early exit from semi’s round…. Can repeat 05 :slight_smile:

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If we win and cowboys win we will play the cowboys. Bit of dejavu 8 wins in a row cowboys round 1 of finals….

best outcome? besides us winning well, probably having the Cowboys win and we’ll play them in Sydney

A win for Wests Tigers this week, haven’t been to Cronulla in years but am going this week, then to play the semi in Sydney.

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