Chris Lawrence

If he is fit and ready for this weekend should sheens select him?
or should he leave him on the sidelines until the finals to make sure he is 100%?

If he is fit & ready for this weekend doesnt that mean he should be 100% fit, Idont think Sheens would take a risk with him if he wasnt 100% fit.

I think he will play, even if it is only 60 minutes - simply to get a run under his belt before the finals.

Hammies are a dodgey muscle… they can feel 100% and all it takes is that one extra stride or to push it too hard and you can feel it start to go again.

That’s why I said, do we wrap him in cotton wool to be sure he is absolutely 100% fit or bring him back against cronulla to get some match fitness and his combination with Lote going.

he wont be back i dont think for this weekend.
first round of Semis i think he will be back

They made mention on commentary he had twinged it earlier in the week

watching the reply on fox now, and they said Lawrence twinged him hammy at training during the week. a setback, but he should be right for week 1 of the semi’s.

not good 😦

He doesn’t need game time so give him the week off.
Rather him back 1st week of the semis at his running best.
Bugger hammys and groins….spoil everyone’s teams.

You can never say never with rowdy. I can tell you all He was a chance to play last night but his hiccup at training last week ended that. I can’t see him being back this week. But I can tell you if he with his work ethic when it comes to rehab. Anything is possible.

Wait for the finals, play it safe. Rowdy is too important an attacking weapon to risk if he’s not 100%.

Yeah give him a week - win, lose or draw - a fit Lawrence in the semi’s is worth it.

Wait til the finals for sure! Lawrence has proven already this year that he can slot right back into form after extended time off, so I don’t think he will need to have a run before the finals commence - no need to risk him in this game, I reckon.

A week off would be better. But saying that as a fan I would like to see him have a run, he does it so well

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Personally, I will put him on the bench. To get some match fitness.

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