Marshall. On track to become an immortal?

With the errors, magic, unexpected, crazy, pure rugby league he puts on week in and week out, and now having conclusively proved he is tougher than most, can Benji become one of the altime greats?

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Is Benji able to named a true “Immortal” ??

Um, slight problem…. He’s a Kiwi :crazy

Um, slight problem…. He’s a Kiwi :crazy

He already is one of the all time greats! He doesn’t need to have the nod from the so called experts. In my 40 + years of watching Rugby League, I have never seen anyone do what Benji can do on a football field. IMO, he is the most exciting and unpredictable player to have ever played the game!

Benji Marshall is easily one of the greatest players of all time already. Anyone who doesn’t think so is an idiot. He has single handedly won New Zealand trophies. He has a premiership. He’ll have a leading pointscorer and Dally M this year. He has a golden boot. He is the Wests Tigers greatest ever pointscorer and try scorer and will probably end up holding those for a long time. He’ll play 350 games before his career is over touch wood and probably have at least another 2 premiership rings. He’ll win the Dally M again more than once. And he is improving with every game. There isn’t a defensive line he can’t beat. He is media candy. Charisma up the wazoo. Charitable as they come. Handsome. Not to mention the bloke has no fear and takes on anyone on the field. Not only will he go down as the greatest player of all time, he’s probably the greatest face/product rugby league has ever had, even with his indiscretions.

He will be regarded as the best player to have played the game imho… as it stands he is that much better than anyone else playing its simply amazing

he is the most brillant player I have seen, I have never seen anyone step and jink like him, the skill level he has is enormous, he is not the best player Ive seen as of yet, he makes more mistakes than say JOhns and Lewis and controls the game a bit less, the way he keeps develping his game, by the time he is done it will be a very, very special career, and possibley the best Ive seen.


He will be regarded as the best player to have played the game imho… as it stands he is that much better than anyone else playing its simply amazing

Best ever. No one has the magic, the spark and the ability.

Forget the skills, brilliance, tricks, flicks and speed for a moment. Forget Dally M’s, or Point scoring or try scoring records.Something that will mean more to him, and count for more to how he is remembered overall would be, a 2nd NRL Premiership at our club . From listening to him I think that is his focus, and if he focuses on playing the team game and getting the balance of his play right, we will win that 2nd Premiership be it this year or in the next two, because he is that brilliant. It’s a team game and if he can remain at the forefront of a club that can become a powerhouse, it will be that much more special

Benji is an alltime great now. I echo the thoughts and the well worded sentiments that are written in this thread. He is the best I have ever seen. And Robbie Farah is the best Hooker I have ever seen.

One of the most influential players to ever play the game. He can change the course of a game so quickly that you won’t know what hit you. I will never forget how he won NZ the Tri Nations last year. Simply outstanding.

The one thing that makes me so sick is the injuries that has hampered his career - could you imagine how good he would be right now if he didn’t have all those injuries? Even this year he had a court case looming over his head all year… and as soon as it was over look at the peformance he gave against the Titans. Unbelievable. The amazing thing is he is still improving and learning more about the game as each week goes on.

He is and will always be my favourite player.

+1 to all posts.

The attacking flair, excitement and value he has brought to the Wests Tigers brand is immeasurable. He is the greatest player I have seen and despite being a kiwi (lol) is my favourite player of all time by a good margin.

I wonder what life would have been like as a WT fan over the past 6-7 years without BQM?? My brain hurts even considering it…

I have seen plenty of good players, some very good players but very few players that are one play ahead of the game and thats Benji. The game is now played by full time footballers that are at peak fitness and train for hours on attacking and defense skills, yet Benji is still that second in front of them. He is not a Lewis,Johns or a Fitler but he can do things that they could never do and visa versa. Just glad that Kereba high had the ability to spot his freakish talents and Sheens had the vision to give him a go

I have watched football since the last year of unlimited tackle. I have watched so many talented footballers and i would rate Benji the equal of any and superior to most.He is the best thing that has happened to WT and gives the club one of the highest profiles in the NRL and for all the positive reasons and not negative ones.

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