crowd: around 16,000

fts: utai
lts: ryan
motm: marshall

Apparently it’s Gallan’s 200th game so he will be up for it. Nevertheless Wests Tigers are in the right frame of mind and have momentum and I wonder whether Lawrence might make an appearance???

Wests Tigers- 31

Cronulla- 4

I think the scoreline will mostly depend on whether how many of the Sharkies turn up to play for Gallen’s 200th and how many are just thinking about having a holiday.

It would be nice if we can keep a side to nil though.

I have picked 36-10 FTS Ayshford LTS Lote HT 16-4 crowd 13000
However after last two weeks of missing pick the score by a point it will be either 35-10 or 37-10

Wests Tigers: 46 (Ayshford 2, Utai, Ryan, Marshall, Galloway, Lui, Brown Tries, Marshal 5/6 Goals, Brown 2/2 Goals)
Cronulla Sharks: 8 (Gallen Try, Graham 2/2 Goals)

Half time: Tigers 18-8

FTS: After a Big run by Snowden, and being brought down 3 metres out infront of the sticks, Morris throws a sharp fast flat pass to Gallen who goes low through Marshall, Farah and Moltzen, and after a video ref decision is given the try.

Graham Converts, and after an early penalty goal as well Sharks lead 8-0 after 7 minutes. It’s the last bit of joy they get for the rest of the game.

LTS: Marshall off having a rest, Tigers on the attack, Farah at dummy half finds Heigno, finds Lui, who holds it up, and jinks through the line and carries three over for a try on the Right Edge. Soft Try. Mitch Brown converts and its 46-8 with 78 minutes on the clock.

MOM - Has to be Marshall again, doesn’t it? going for the Daily M

Crowd - Big crowd for gallens 200th - i’d say 19,000ish, which buy fulltime would be maybe 10,000

Number of times Ayshford gets the better of Collis: 5
Number of times Mitch Brown smashes a sharks outside back and causes a knock on: 2
Number of times Fifita thinks “What have I gotten myself into?”: 8


Tigers 4
Cronulla 0

that would be 4 Robbie Farah field goals I take it?

No, a Benji penalty goal, and field goals to Lui and Keithy


No, a Benji penalty goal, and field goals to Lui and Keithy


thank god that Gould won’t be on commentary.

It will be close, under ten points in it

Tigers 18
Sharks 12

Toughest game of the last 4 weeks!

wests-tigers 25
sharks 18.

i do think in this game, field goal will be vital.

Sharks pack looks imposing, but we’ve belittled better.

Toigahs - 40
Sardines - 8

MOM - Benji

Crowd - 16,000

of times the CSSC sings “you are a bogan” to the Tigers fans - 100

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No, a Benji penalty goal, and field goals to Lui and Keithy


thank god that Gould won’t be on commentary.

and rabs would have said to gus, “SIT DOWN, YOU IDIOT!”

Tigers 22
Sharks 14

FTS - Lote
LTS - Fulton
Crowd - 14 500
Half time - Tigers 18-10
MOM - Ellis

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