Manly want Stewart case adjourned

This should be a case of bad luck Manly, you have had 5 days to sort this out.

what bullS*** they know the rules front up and get what you deserve

they probably think if they can get it adjourned Stewart can continue playing, which would never happen because he should be stood down till his hearing

so their first choice rep (Bellew) is representing Blair and now they’ve sacked number 2. Maybe number 2 actually has some morals and told them he wouldn’t represent lieing, whinging scum.
(althoug as he’s a lawyer i doubt it)

manly really do think that they can do anything they want to with zero responsibility. nothings ever their fault and the world owes them everything.

lol… my understanding is Manly have sacked him due to his position to plead not guilty. They apparently want to change the plea, but seek new conditions.

This is why Manly are the most hated club in the League! How could you plead not guilty when you throw the first punch…Blair had no intention of fisty cuffs because he had the mouth gaurd out maybe mouth off though.

Blair Suspended for 5 games, will miss Grand Final!

Feel sorry for him tbh, 5wks is too long, the really penalty should have hit the stooges he ran in!

The 5 weeks is because he didn’t knock Stewart out.

This is an absolute joke. Brett Stewart is the one that should be out till round 1 next year. A square up for the nrl sitting him out for 4 weeks a couple of years ago? I don’t like wishing injury on anyone but I hope he does an acl first game back and has to sit out for a season he is a dog.

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GRRR i hate manly so much that i would love for them to fold lol

I don’t understand why QC’s are even required for judiciary cases. It should be the player with 1 rep from his club, give his version of events to the judiciary panel and then they hand down their verdict and sentence. These defense QC’s have no idea about the game, they only know how to manipulate situations to get their clients off and their intentions are to confuse and cause doubt in the minds of ex players on the panel. Clearly Glen Stewart was the aggressor and threw the first punch, how he can plead not guilty is beyond me. Maybe he should plead insanity.

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Loved Gallop’s response on NRL on Fox tonight to Hasler who demanded to know where their $50K fine was gonna be spent.

Gallop replied: “When you get pulled over for speeding you don’t get to tell the police how to spend the fine!”.

Love it. Sick of Manly’s whingeing. My God they’ve got a chip on their shoulder. I hope Stewart cops 8 weeks.

If Stewart gets any less then 5 weeks then the whole thing is a rort (not that it isn’t already)

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