Any suggestions for Gallop on what he should spend Manly's m

I see Des Hasler had a whinge wanting to know what Gallop was going to spend the money from the fines on
I have a few suggestions none of which Des will probably like

No 1 Gallop organizes a hit man to take out as many as the Manly scum as possible
If the hitman was a Tigers or Storm supporter they would probably do it for free

No 2 Gallop buys Des a lifetime supply of tissues

No 3 Gallop spends the money to find out when Des had a sex change because only a woman could whinge that much (Just joking ladies ,Des whinges far too much ,even for a woman )

No 4 Gallop puts the money on the Tigers to win the premiership and gives the profits to the Tigers and rings des up the next day and tells him what he did

No 5 Gallop uses the money to get a good QC and has Manly thrown out of the competition

Please feel free to add any ideas you have
Have fun Cheers Happy

No. 6 Gallop spends money on creating a statue of Laurie Daley’s nose.

he could throw a few bucks Des Haslers way so he could afford a haircut.

Get Kostya Tzsyu to go over to Brookvale and teach Glenn Stewart how to throw a few…

Organise a driveby at Manly training.

Wages for new SOO selectors that HATE Manly!

Organise a decent half time show at the GF. Havent had one for 20 years.

Plant landmines at Manly training.


Plant landmines at Manly training.

I like that one MM Very creative 😆

donate to spinal injury research/rehabilitation/care


Organise a driveby at Manly training.


They’ll need something stronger than a Glock to get through Choc’s thick block of a head.

Donate the money to charity, see if that gets on the front page of a paper, good cause probably wouldnt.

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