2012 Season Ticket - No info yet.

Does anyone know when you can register your interest for a 2012 season ticket . There has not been any info yet regarding season tickets for 2012.

I have just sent Lauren an email asking her when the info will be out. I will keep you guys posted.

Round 1 Wests Tigers v Eagles at Leichardt Wouldn’t that be nice

Got a reply from Lauren. It says

HI Joseph,

We have not confirmed a launch date for 2012 Membership at this stage, but we will be looking to go on sale in the next few weeks.

Please refer to our website for all information.


They should be on sale sometime in September.

I am hoping to get in early. I want to get another memberships extra this year. I sit in the grandstand and am want another seat with my group .

At the game on Friday night they had a lot of Wests Tigers posters made up with link to website on back, saying that there was membership information available. I didn’t notice the link but have just been to their website and it still says coming soon.

Does anybody know if there is a link that can get direct to the information? Or is it still not updated?

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