If any member is not going to next weeks game, for whatever reason. I am desperate to get hold of a membership number to buy 4 or 5 tickets for preliminary finals game from ticketek on monday!
Or if someone will let me use their number who is only buying a few tickets? i think u can buy 10 with every membership!

I know it sounds rough and you may think why didnt i buy a membership, But it just didnt work 4 me as you cant sit with friends that dont come to every game. Trust me when i say i have spent more on good tickets this year than membership costs, by a long way. So i guess u could call me an associate member!?!

So if someone could do me a favour as i would like to buy good seats and dont mind paying. Just waiting till tuesday will and getting whats left will kill me.


PM me or something.

Week I is rarely mega crowds, you’ll get tix easy -dont stress- chill

If we win tomorrow night, I’ll pm you my access number as I cant get to Sydney over the next few weeks…

Innsaneink is correct you will get tickets no worries.

If it is at ANZ you will have 40,000 seats to pick from, if it is at SFS their is not a bad seat in the place.

You will be there.

No pressure Guys but i am getting desperate please if u can help, PM me. I only need 3-4 tickets and I think they allocate 10 per membership. I know i could wait until tuesday but i really want to buy decent tickets.
Thanks again!!

You’ll get one, the game won’t sell out. It’ll be 55k there MAX. Relax.

But he wants ‘‘good seats’’

Shouldve bought yourself a membership


Bays 108-111 here I come at 10am tomorrow morning…can’t wait!!!


But he wants ‘‘good seats’’

Shouldve bought yourself a membership


Mate, no need to chuck a manly (bag fellow supporter). As mentioned before I often buy tickets for friends who come only to odd games during the year + I work every second weekend. Trust me I may not have a membership buy that does not make me a second class!!!
I go to as many games as possible and buy quality tickets with friends so I put heaps of money into the club for years now, I also traveled to the gold coast last year to watch them and that cost me more than any membership. And friends being friends I always end up on the wrong side of ticket payments as I buy all the tickets, if they decide not to come!!!
So please no need to be nasty about it. I am a solid supporter
So believe it!!!


Bays 108-111 here I come at 10am tomorrow morning…can’t wait!!!

G were does that put u right next to the steelers fans,enjoy. Thanks 4 the negative post !!! Great to see another good guy on the forum, knob!!! But a big thanks to people who helped me out, u guys r worth more thanks again!

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