Hey rothfield

Get that up ya you goose. We played terrible tonight and still put your dull team away. Have fun thinking about next year while we roll on to grand final glory! It must suck ass supporting such a terrible club. But judging by some of your articles you haven’t got much of a clue about rugby league anyway. It’s going to be hard for you to watch benji lead us to glory considering the smear campaign you are running against him and our great club. You are a joke.

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i’d be more inclined to say get that up ya Andrew Webster. He’s tried destabilizing the squad twice in two weeks by slandering Marshall and throwing his name through the mud, only for it to come to nothing
so stick that up ya you clown gives the 2 finger salute

Yeah throw Webster in there too. Can’t believe they actually let him on the footy shows on one hd. I get more sense talking footy with my 4 year old then they do out of that germ

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Haha - I think that’s the best thing about beating the Sharks - knowing it’s Rothfield’s beloved team.

IMHO all the terrorgraph reporters must have hit the drugs hard in their formative years! I give Paul Kent “benefit of the doubt exemption”. I still think he is a prick , just a prick with sense, contrary to the culture of the Sydney’s daily news tabloid.

End of Rant

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anyone know their email addresses??? i feel like being a pest! 😃

alien p.i.
u request, i pest

This is a great thread. And we know those grubs trawl this forum looking for stories. So for all you News Ltd drop-kick journos, gets some objectivity back in your reporting, start reporting facts, get off your Benji-bashing spree, and stick one up your clickety-clack. Rothfield you are the king of tools.

I’m looking forward to the 360 degree turnaround Rothfield will have on Gibbs when he slips on a Sharks jersey.

Rothfield has never rated him and doesn’t like him, I’m looking forward to Gibbs turning out a few good games for gummies and the inevitable “Gibbs should play SOO” blog.

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