Player and Team stats plus general wrap up

1. Moltzen - 103 metres in attack, 1 try, 1 try assist, 1 line break, 1 offload, 2 tackle breaks, 6 tackles, 3 missed tackles, 1 error.

The Good - Looked pretty good in attack tonight although he made Brown work harder than he should have for the Tigers first try. Saved a try in the second half when the Tigers were under the pump and was pretty good at the back all night.

The Bad - Should not have been moved from fullback to right centre. His involvement was notably down from that point forward.

14. Brown - 114 metres in attack, 1 try, 2 tackle breaks, 15 tackles, 3 missed tackles, 1 error.

The Good - Reliable once again and made decent metres out of dummy half. Defensively sound.

The Bad - Didn’t do anything wrong tonight.

3. Ayshford - 79 metres in attack, 1 try assist, 1 line break, 14 tackles, 4 missed tackles.

The Good - Solid in attack tonight.

The Bad - Rushed in on Gallen when the Sharks scored their first try - Has been caught out several times doing this and needs to be choose his moments carefully when rushing up and in during defence.

4. Utai - 110 metres in attack, 1 offload, 4 tackle breaks, 3 tackles, 5 missed tackles, 1 error.

The Good - Made good metres all night in attack.

The Bad - Got caught out defensively on several occasions. Not the quickest bloke and cannot afford to let his opposite get on the outside of him.

5. Tuqiri - 149 metres in attack, 1 try, 1 line break, 7 tackle breaks, 3 tackles, 2 errors.

The Good - Better in attack than last week, defensively made a couple of good reads, defused a dangerous kick in the first half.

The Bad - Still short of a run and his timing needs improvement.

6. Marshall - 41 metres in attack, 1 try assist, 2 line break assists, 1 offload, 4 tackle breaks, 8 tackles, 4 missed tackles, 2 errors.

The Good - Looked sharp early and had no trouble putting Tigers players into gaps. Came up with a couple of decent general play kicks.

The Bad - Won’t win the Dally M on tonight’s performance. Took some poor options in attack in the second half and did not take the line on enough with the ball. Needed more involvement but hopefully this is the catalyst for him having a MASSIVE finals campaign.

7. Lui - 79 metres in attack, 1 line break, 1 line break assist, 1 offload, 4 tackle breaks, 22 tackles, 1 missed tackle.

The Good - General kicking game was good, looked threatening when he took the line on and defensively he has really come along in recent weeks.

The Bad - Hard to fault tonight and he was one of the Tigers best I thought.

8. Gibbs - 45 metres in attack, 24 tackles, 2 missed tackles.

The Good - First stint was pretty good, defensively he was good as usual.

The Bad - Whether it was due to his knee injury, his attack was down tonight, but again, it will be a welcome reminder that he needs to step up next week.

9. Farah - 52 metres in attack, 3 tries, 3 line breaks, 8 tackle breaks, 35 tackles, 3 missed tackles.

The Good - Very selective with his running tonight behind a beaten Tigers forward pack, but when he did run he really made it count. Busy in defence all night.

The Bad - Threw one shocking pass for Utai, but that was about it.

17. Woods - 95 metres in attack, 22 tackles.

The Good - Again looked comfortable starting and made good metres up the middle against a big Sharks pack. Defended well.

The Bad - Got caught lifting a player above the horizontal. It sounds picky but those types of penalties should be easily avoided.

11. Fulton - 42 metres in attack, 2 tackle breaks, 45 tackles, 2 missed tackle.

The Good - Defensively he was everywhere.

The Bad - Pretty quiet in attack, but it was one of those nights for most of the Tigers forward pack.

12. Ellis - 150 metres in attack, 1 try assist, 1 line break assist, 2 offloads, 1 tackle break, 31 tackles, 4 missed tackles.

The Good - Very good with the ball in hand tonight, tackled well.

The Bad - Not tonight.

13. Heighington - 87 metres in attack, 2 tackle breaks, 28 tackles, 3 missed tackles, 1 error.

The Good - Sounds harsh, but he didn’t impress tonight and looked flat.

The Bad - Got trampled by Smith in the lead up to the Sharks second try.

15. Flanagan - 23 metres in attack, 17 tackles, 1 missed tackle, 1 error.

The Good - Busy in defence once again.

The Bad - Offers little in the way of go forward.

16. Groat - 39 metres in attack, 22 tackles, 1 missed tackle.

The Good - Again looked pretty solid out there and worked hard in the middle of the field.

The Bad - Can’t really criticise the youngster again tonight.

18. Murdoch-Masila - 30 metres in attack, 9 tackles, 2 missed tackles, 1 error.

The Good - Looked comfortable out there.

The Bad - Did not get a lot of game time.

19. McKinnon - 19 metres in attack, 1 tackle break, 1 tackle, 1 missed tackle.

The Good - Defused one nasty kick in the second half which bounced off the posts.

The Bad - Of the backline utilities available I’m not sure a specialist fullback is what I would be going with as Moltzen was not effective at right centre and there was no real need to replace Ayshford.

Team stats (To be updated)

Try assists - 4
Offloads - 6
Line breaks - 6
Line break assists - 4
Tackles made - 305
1 on 1 tackles - 12
Missed tackles - 39
Tackle breaks - 35
Total metres - 1257
Errors - 11
Penalties - 3
Possession - 49%
Completion rate - 27/37 = 73%

Ellis was everywhere tonight. His attack in particular was a stand out. Close to the line he looked like a man possessed. Just behind Farah for MOM.

Player and team stats have now been updated.

All our attack was on our left, most their attack was at our right.

Missed tackle count was too high. Hopefully that was down to players not wanting to get injured ahead of the finals but if we miss 39 tackles against one of the better teams we won’t be winning.

Well done Willow again Yes I think the kick that Lote defused was a big point in the game It was a great take
It seemed a fairly slippery night Apart from Lotes try seemed to affect us more than the Sharks Would that be a fairly accurate assessment ??

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