Whats doin?

im usually pretty positive about the tiges, but i saw something that has me a bit concerned about our title chances…

moltzen had farah on his outside and totally ingored him to go himself and give the ball to brown… farah was easily the best option with marshall also on his outside… farah got in his ear after the try and moltzen totally ignored him… then when farah scored later moltz jus ran past him not congratulating him…

i’d like to think its nothing, but i feel like there’s a rift between the players which has extended past just those two… if we go into the semis and somethings up, we are gonna get smoked… the teams that are playing as 1 will win…

did anyone else pick up on something??

You’re starting to sound like a Telegraph journo. This is nothing short of ridiculous.

Thread closed.

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