Darius Boyd & Jason Nightingale

Apparently had a dust up at training to which Ritchie said it was confirmed to him by a Dragons player. Could be a good thing for us if true?

It depends on whether this was before or after they put 60 on the Pamfers

Hopefully Jason planted one right on Daaahhhhrius’ chin


Hopefully Jason planted one right on Daaahhhhrius’ chin

he wouldnt be the first…

Apparently he’s not well liked with his team mates.

I have a mate who is close to an employee of the dragons. He was watching their training session on Monday or Tuesday, and said you could see the tension between Boyd and nightingale. He had some posters and stuff signed and reckons all the boys were willing to have a chat with him, but he reckons Boyd was a real tool, so wouldn’t surprise me if he is disliked by his teammates.

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Good stuff.Boyd fancies himself a bit much i think……well it comes across that way in the media.

The guy has to follow the father he never had all over the place…haha

Boyd has a face you just want to punch. Multiple times.

It’s well known that he isn’t the most popular bloke amongst his team mates.

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It depends on whether this was before or after they put 60 on the Pamfers

thank you.

Darius Boyd is allegedly blamed for getting Carney back on the drink. Allegedly Carney is a massive follower. He and Boyd apparently got on the sauce last Aussie Test Series when they were in the squad but not in the side.

Boyd = Pinnacle of Muppet.

I can comment on Darius … I used to manage the building he currently lives in. He IS a tool. He lives with a U20 player named Nick McKinnon who seemed like a decent young bloke.

Darius drives a white hummer and just parks wherever with no respect for the other tenants. He parked in the buildings carwash for over a week and noone else could wash his car.

Guess he is moving out soon, I think the other tenants will be happy.

Old news…Reported and denied last week or week before from memory.

Maybe you could flatten his tires then around 3pm Fri afternoon?

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