If only Taniela Tuiaki was playing this Friday night

Taniela Tuiaki Tribute……What a year the Team has had to get through, and we are still in the finals…just wished “The Tank” was playing this Friday night 😢

Tuiaki was hoping to return to action this season after missing the entire 2010 season due to a broken ankle suffered against Parramatta in round 24 of 2009.

However, despite three operations, Tuiaki’s ankle has not responded enough to treatment and the 110kg flyer hangs up the boots at the age of just 28 after playing 78 matches for the Tigers and four Tests for New Zealand.

Tuiaki’s powerful bursts made him a cult figure at the Tigers, and the injury struck in the same season he scored a club-record 21 tries and was named Dally M winger of the year.

“I am very disappointed to finish my career this way. This is a very sad day for me,” said Tuiaki.

"When I first suffered the injury, I knew it was bad but I always believed I would return to the playing field for Wests Tigers.

"I’ve given it my best shot but all the medical advice now confirms that this is not possible.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Wests Tigers. The players are like brothers to me and I have plenty of great memories.

"Wests Tigers have been very good throughout these difficult times and I can’t thank the coaching and medical staff enough for their support and treatment.

“I also would like to thank Wests Tigers fans for their support over the years. I hope I gave them plenty to cheer about. They have been very good to me.”

His performances in 09 were dominant. Really miss having the big guy running around playing footy for us. He was incredible to watch. Would be nice if he was invited into the sheds with the team during the finals.

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My son was playing NRL on the WII last night and who was causing Havoc for the Tigers–TNT and I said gee how good would it be to have him charging down the flanks. Why is it the good guys seem to have bad luck

I have a strong feeling Dwyer wont return either 😦

Yeah, very sad for Tank, indeed. One thing I really regret not getting the chance to see was Taniela and Lote lining up together on the wings. That would’ve been a real nightmare for opposing teams, I reckon 😲

PS I hope you’re wrong about Dwyer, Pacey 🙏

I miss this bloke so much 😦, he deserved to play in a finals series with us after how well way he played in 09 prior to his injury.

The big homie is still missed,
Hope he knows that.
He is a beast.

I was just wishing this morning that we could have had one season of Taniela and Lote flying down the wings. Really miss the young fellow.

what only 28??? no time for a comeback or is he retired

I keep waiting for the day where theres news of a posible TNT return. I did hear at the time of his retirement announcement that the tigers would always keep the door open for him if he over come the injury down the track. Obviously it was important to announce a retirement due to the odds of a return this year or next, keep him out of the cap etc…

Miss watching him so much. He was one of those wingers where you know if he was one on one with another winger close to the tryline nobody could stop him. Till this day I still hope some miracle happens and he is able to come back!

Yeah would of liked to see the Twin Tanks on each wing
Would of been a sight to behold
Many NRL wingers would of had nightmares with those two tearing down on you
I’d love to see a miracle as well
Would love to see him on the sidelines if we make the GF

Really hoping they have TnT, Simon Dwyer & Chris Lawrence in the dressing sheds just before the game to fire up all the team to dig in hard for the cause…
And now for the Master video maker, Bonstonker’s TnT Highlights…

Chris Lawrence will be there with his uniform on and boots laced!

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