Is anyone going to talk about tactics on how, where, who, negatives, positives or is it just about where we are sitting? IMO I really hope our forwards step up another two notches with an eye of the tiger attitude giving our backs enough chances to flair what most teams dread…our attacking skills. Just hope we play our style not try and grind the game like the saints to much.

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Our forwards were a bit down last week but they have been good recently and will step up. The week before against Titans they were awesome. They will rip in and get the job done. Id like to see the forwards run in pairs every so often as there are meters to be gained through short passing of the forwards against Dragons. Penrith exploited this last week with 4 short passes…basically off the hip which ripped a huge hole in their defense for a try.

Really would like to see Utai benched and Brown play on the wing. Not as punishment of any sort but merely because Sowards only string is the bomb. Matts too short and gets outleaped all the time. Browny is tall and super safe under the high ball. Lote is tall and reasonably safe as well. That leaves Moltz. He MUST attack the kicks this week or we are shot.

Benji will be targetted by Scott for some heavy work off the ball again. If Moltz continues to run off Benjis inside shoulder Scott will start to hang back allowing Benj to run more in the second half.

Beating the Dragons isnt rocket science. They have only 1 real danger man in Boyd and 2 good finishers in Nightingale and Morris. Defend the kick and complete the sets and they will be forced to try stuff out of their half…which they dont usually have the balls to do. They prefer to wait all game for you to make a mistake and then Sowards kicking results in points. Maintane good field position and direct the attack at them…ie run straight.

Oh and watch the penalties inside our own half…that gutless little turd will take the 2 every time.


Really would like to see Utai benched and Brown play on the wing. Not as punishment of any sort but merely because Sowards only string is the bomb. Matts too short and gets outleaped all the time. Browny is tall and super safe under the high ball. Lote is tall and reasonably safe as well.

isnt beau meant to be back this week?

I was thinking that Lawrence might not be ready and I would have Beau at center as he is a strong defender.

we are going to have to defend very well and we need to have a good completion rate. i think it could be another close game like last year’s semi against them. a mistake or 2 could prove the difference again.

run alot of plays at soward! 😉

Attack them through the middle, complete sets, solid kicking game, make them work it out from their own quarter and wait for mistakes.

Essentially the same game plan as we used at SFS a month or so ago.

Our forwards need to really take it to their pack. With Galloway coming back into the team our go forward and defence up the middle will improve on that from the sharks game.
If our forwards can get a roll on and aim up in defence then their pack will not get the metres that their halves/backline need.

Pressure Soward on every general play kick. but if you are going to rush up make sure you are ready to make contact because he will run it if it he has to.

Get up in gasnier and coopers face, cut out their thinking time.
we need to limit the opportunities these guys will give their outside men.

In attack, run a few of the bigger men at soward, get him tired early, he’s shown in the past that if he has to do alot of tackling early he is either susceptible to an injury or will go missing for a majority of the game.
Sheens had BMM running wide at preston campbell in the first half vs GC I wouldn’t mind seeing him do that again early after Ellis has had a few good hard runs at soward.

I agree with BeeJay.

Also kick early if there is a chance. Boyd is very good at the back and catching him out early could help get good field possession.

Well said Beejay!!!

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I think our main tactic needs to be to weather the early Saints storm Keep it tight in the first half and take advantage of their tiring forwards in the second half Win by 8 with Rowdy Win by 1 without Rowdy
Either way win

I see Fulton, Ellis and Lui as our big weapons hitting them on the edge of the ruck with great angle running. Last week Penrith would have put plenty on them if they had some class in the halves. I think Benji will be just a link man for most of the game and with all the extra attention he attracts others will benefit. Like most games the kicking game will make you or break you, long kicks to the corners than build a fence with your chasers. Than most important discipline, no piggy back penalties and completions.

Sounds easy!!!

Tony Archer is ref, same ref as Rd 22

Sometimes you need to sacrifice a few offside penaltys to set the tone, the refs wont blow the whistle all night.

Up in their faces in defence, the rushing D….but the kicks will come to try to keep us back

In attack, run our big blokes at Soward early and tire him out.

Then later in the game run the same play with big blokes running at Soward but instead of short balls to Ellis etc, go out the back to Moltzen who can create holes for Rowdy.

The game will be won on that side of the feild

This might sound a bit retro but Gibbs, Fulton & Heighington should continue to tackle their forwards low. You might think that this means a quick play the ball but 2nd & 3rd players in slow it down. No offloads either because it all happens in a microsecond - no dragging 2 or 3 defenders another 10 metres.

The Kick! Kick is a word that should always have a capital letter. If we find as much grass with our kicks as Soward does with his we will win.

Let Ellis get under Young’s skin. They don’t like one another and there will only be one winner in that argument.

Commitment! Every tackle, every kick, every play the ball. If you’re down the arse end of the ground waiting for them to find touch from a penalty, expect it not to find touch!

It’s going to come down to who does the little things right. Who wants it more.

I get to be a nervous wreck about this time of year when we are in the finals. Excuse the rant :slight_smile:

Many are wanting a repeat effort of rd 22 but if I remember correctly we had 0 at halftime. Same for the manly game.

I don’t think the nerves could take it.

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