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What’s your gut feeling about our chances and about how the finals will unfold?. Finals are decided by very small margins. AN injury here, a bounce of the ball there, heaven forbid a refs error (quite likely). I think this season the Top 5 are all extremely quality outfits. Been a while since you could genuinely say that. You could mount a case for any of the Top 5, with the Warriors a genuine smokey at 6. The Cows and Knights can’t win it.

My gut feeling is we might be watching the best 2 equipped teams this Friday night. Whilst the Top 3 are all formidable sides they seem to be having a few issues at the wrong time of year. My gut feel is Friday nights game will be a belter and decided in the last 5 minutes. I reckon the loser will survive the chop and from there I reckon we will line it up again against Saints in October for the prize. Now obviously we don’t want to be counting on this to happen. Without Lawrence I feel we might lose by a few points.

Obviously things can change from week to week and we would be no chance with a key injury. However at the moment our troops are returning, whilst other teams are losing them. I just think we are now a battle hardened footy side, more then we are given credit for. And we have the most dynamic and unpredictable attack in the league. For the last 3 years we have been playing our best football this time of year when other teams are out of puff and out of new ideas. Sheens coached teams don’t put in poor Finals campaigns.

I’m not overly confident we will take out the Premiership. LIke I said small details decide it, and little things like having a relatively inexperienced fullback worry me against the other big 4 sides. However I just think with how tight our side has become, and the drive they have from last year, that bar injuries we might just squeak past a Manly or Melbourne in the prelim and be there in the first week of October. And my guess is it will be against Saints Illawarra.

Saints worry me a little more then the other 3 as they have that finals mentality and now they have performed on the big stage. They know how to do it.

For The record, here is my stab at it.

WT v Saints
Brisbane V Warriors
Manly v Cows
Melbourne v Knights

Saints v Broncos
Warriors v WT

Manly v Saints
Melbourne v WT

GF - Saints v WT

good post and all your points are quite valid. our team is coming good at the right time and barring injuries we should give the title a real shake. i wish the saints were still in their mini slump still but they have turned a corner and will be very tough to beat friday night. all u need is a dud ref decision or an injury and it knocks the whole team off kilter. worrying part also is the saints have a pretty good record at ANZ of recent times and will be drawing on last years energy of finals played there.

If we lose and warriors win wouldn’t that mean we could be heading to Auckland?

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I believe after this week’s round all games are played in Sydney. If I’m wrong, I’m confident of winning in Auckland, we’ve won there before when we were playing like the clappers.

The Saints worry me a little too, especially since it’s still up in the air whether Lawrence will play or not. Ayshford and whoever partners him in the centres I feel will decide the outcome of the game. We shut down Cooper and Gaz and I think we win.

I’m feeling really calm about it all really which I think is a good sign.

I have faith that the guys can step it up a gear and with a little luck (which is needed in most semi-finals) I think we will be ok.

I strongly feel that if we dont win it this year we will claim a premiership within the next two.

Hate to say it, but i think the 2 specials this week are the Warriors and Saints. Sorry, but its just what my gut tells me. If Lawrence is 100% then that changes things, but if he isnt, i think we will strugle to score against the Dragons.

So if my gut is right, we will be a real chance of bowing out in week one

I have a bad feeling about this game too.saints by 14

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I am mixed about Friday…

The drags are not out of their slump IMO

A bad start against is will see the collapse.

As for Lawrence, there no way he is anywhere near 100% . Match fitness is a massive component. Still if the injury is ok I want Jim out there.

Tigers can do it.

I am mixed about Friday…

The drags are not out of their slump IMO

A bad start against is will see the collapse.

As for Lawrence, there no way he is anywhere near 100% . Match fitness is a massive component. Still if the injury is ok I want Jim out there.

Tigers can do it.

Ok, if I were to go with my gut, I think we will do it tough this week against the Saints…if we do loose then it could be the kick in the pants we needed to go all the way…Going by Sheens’ interview on the rush hour yesterday I dont expect to see Lawrence line up against the Dragons even though he will be named…I just hope Lawrence is back the week after…sounds like Payten will only play again if we make the GF…I hope I’m wrong on all these points but that’s what my gut is telling me…today!

I think we are dying on our run and maybe kicked toe early. Really think the Dragons will win and without to much trouble. Than its anyone guess what might happen. But my horrible feeling tells me its two weeks till mad monday.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and go against the grain, I just have this feeling we’ll overwhelm them early with a 12-16 point lead then hold the points difference through out the game.

If the boys can captrue the intencity they had in last years final series we’ll be ok.
However the sharks game has not filled me with any confidence. Im hoping we are not limping into the finals.
With Lawrence, Galloway and Beau back that will go along way to helping steady the team.

I think friday will be tight, I can see The dragons really stepping up so the tiges will need to be on their game.

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