Greatest Tackle Ever?


Andrew Ryan on roosters player (possibly crocker??) at the end of 2004 grand final just as the player looked as though he was through for a linebreak

Yep I agree. That was probably more of a GF winning tackle than Sattler’s. I always feel a bit sorry for Todd Byrne actually - he stumbles a bit at the start which means he took a bit longer to wind up than he would have normally. If it wasn’t for that Sattler would have had no chance. Still he had to make the one-on-one tackle and he did.

For me I always think of that Lewis tackle in the test match that others have mentioned and Dwyer’s semifinal tackle.

Villa The Gorilla’s hit on Webke was particularly memorable.

I still like very much in the 2005 final against the dragons, when Pat Richards grabbed Gasnier by the collar and threw him to the ground.

the look on Gasnier face when he got up was memorable.

i seem to recall a few hits, not sure who on though, by sonny bill and MG that were fairly awesome.

dwyers hit on hargreaves was the best of all.

Lewis on Williams. Easy

Morley put a huge shot on King about 5 years back that sent King airbourne. The next play Matai dropped the ball scared Morley was going to belt him, so Morley hammered him after he dropped it.

The one that comes to my mind was a hit put on next seasons recruit Bell. Cant remember who the defender was. Maybe SBW?


The one that comes to my mind was a hit put on next seasons recruit Bell. Cant remember who the defender was. Maybe SBW?

SBW certainly put a big shoulder on Joel Clinton a few years back, sent sweat and water flying on the super slow-mo.

What a great Topic! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only old bugger on this Forum. Well done Spearby to bring up Les Johns. Now there was a fullback, I really think that he’s the best I’ve seen - including Langlands and Eadie. I believe that he’s Joey’s and Matty’s uncle.
As for huge tackles, I remember a City v Country match in the late 50’s (50’s?) when Brian Clay destroyed the wonderfully elusive Darcy Henry (Pace, Wests supporters) and another one of Clay’s which absolutely annihilated Lewis Jones in the World Cup. I think that Clay was the hardest tackler that I’ve seen including the modern blokes. He could play centre, five eighth or lock and terrorised everybody that he came up against. Johnny Raper was far and away the best tackler that I’ve ever seen, and the best footballer, but he didn’t injure opponents, just cut their legs from under them - and he never missed!
Here endeth the Ancient History Lesson - sorry.

wayne chisolm’s tackle on jeff weeks in 1991

Saw Ron Coote do some beauties but one sticks in my mind was Andrew Ettingshausen running down and taking out Martin Offiah in a test match at the SCG.
The whole crowd was on their feet not believing he could get to him.

hard to pick one, so many different types of tackles, Scotty Sattler was a cracker and my personal favourite given the moment.

The best tackle I ever saw was actually in a Shute Shield match and Scott Gourlay returning to rugby(which he is much more suited to) smashed a halfback who had shot down a blind side, he hit him so hard he knocked him into the fence, a good 3-4 m past the side line, he didn’t pick him up and drive him, he just belted him so hard he flew than slid that far. Interestingly the bloke he tackled reckoned it didn’t hurt him at all. Was an incredible tackle.


The one that comes to my mind was a hit put on next seasons recruit Bell. Cant remember who the defender was. Maybe SBW?

Sam Burgess

some sonny bill specials in this lot

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