Simon Dwyer on the Game Plan on Thursday

Just to let everyone know Simon Dwyer will be on the Game Plan on Thursday at 8.30pm on One HD. It will be interesting what he says about his injury.

Yeah it will be must see TV for all Tigers supporters

I’m guessing we wont hear anything new about his injury….just that he will be seeking overseas medical assistance…and that he’ll be expecting it to come good eventually(fingers crossed for the young man!)…I can only imagine what psychological scars this sort of injury will have on him…

Thanks for the heads up. Will definitely be watching

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Thats almost worth me plugging in the TV aerial etc.

Anychance of someone just gving a synopsis?

i hope that muppet dean ritchie doesnt interview him!

Just to remind everyone that Simon Dwyer will be on the Game Plan tonight at 8.30pm on One HD. Todd Payten will also be on the show as well.


Thats almost worth me plugging in the TV aerial etc.

Anychance of someone just gving a synopsis?

Happy to take that on!…will do after the show airs!

Just a reminder that Simon is on the Game Plan tonight Lets hope he has been given some encouraging news about his injuries

Simon and Todd on 1HD now. Simon looking at an op this October. Todd hoping to be back next week.

How dreadfully sad

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Payten says Lawrence is ready to play

Here is the rundown of the interview:

  1. Dwyer seeking overseas medical advice in Sweden. Looking at Stem Cell operation in October…If that’s no good then he will have an operation in Sydney
  2. Dwyer/Doctors not sure of the outcome until they “open him up”…
  3. Everyone wished him well…poor bugger I almost cried when I saw him on TV…I dont care if he ever plays again, I just hope he gets feeling and movement back in his arm!
  4. Payten said he would most likely be back next week.
  5. Payten sounded 100% that Lawrence will play…said the coach would not pick him if Chris wasn’t 100%.

That was about it as far as the guys went…Payten sounded very confident…:slight_smile:

Simon is a brave young man. He said they basically don’t know what the extent of the damage is until they open him up. He is talking to specialists in Texas and Sweden as well as Australia.

they also showed footage of the 2005 grand final and when they asked Toddy about the try he scored his face lit up like a Christmas tree. It really was the highlight of his career.

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