Plenty of blue sky out of my office window at Eastern Creek, moving toward Homebush as well.

I think the wet whether is neither here not there as far WT’s go ,

if it is Wet Farah will kill them from dummy half, also Ellis and Galloway are great at take the ball up with momentum when it is wet .

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3.25pm and the sun is shining.

Weather may bring the crowd down to 45000 …. Could have stayed at sfs which can hold 48000

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Narellan 3:45pm, blue skies, some clouds, but looks like it will stay dry… Here’s hoping.

4:25pm Inner West…no showers/rain for 2 hours…high cloud…according to weatherzone…63% chane of rain 7-9pm

4:50pm…I can see the sun shinning through the clouds!!!..Tell me it’s a sign!..The rays are golden in colour!!!(Am I excited about tonight?)!

Looks nice, clear and sunny on the NYC coverage. They did say it was a bit greasy under foot though.

Just started to rain in the stadium

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