This is tongue in cheek stuff but, can we start a “SAVE GIBBS” from going to the Sharks SEGMENT. He is playing great football at present and I wish he was staying at the tigers, WITH Dwyer unlikely to play next year do we need to get rid of him??? 😦 😠 :bawling

Don’t think there is much we can do about it unfortunately.

We have plenty of front row depth, and I am confident the likes of Woods and Groat can step up to the plate next season.

After trekking down to Shark Park last Saturday night for the first time ever, I can understand why Gibbs may have 2nd thoughts(I wish!)…why on earth did they build a stadium in such an isolated area?..there is one road in and out and, no public transport options and if you thought parking at Leichhardt was bad, this place is 10 times worse for parking!!!..I had to park 45 minutes away!! and it took me 2 hours to get home(inner west)…The only good thing is we won! yes, Let’s save Gibbs from Cronulla…but sadly he’s going…and I for one will never trek my way to Shark Park again!..

Just swap the ball for a wooden spoon at training

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Let’s get him to do an Elford and plead to stay at the Tigers.

Yeah they can have Fifita at half the price if we can keep Gibbsy

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