We will win.

Just a place for us to post , our simple thoughts about this weeks game. I think we will win for the following reasons :

  • we are better then the dragons
  • the dragons are not as good as us
  • we will score the most points
  • dragons will score the least points

As you can see compelling reasons to say the least. Please add any other reasons why we, the Wests Tigers will win.

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Because Farah, Marshall and Ellis play for us….

Because we play with no fear

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Holla for a marshall

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The dragons are predictable.

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Wts can dazzle the drags with their style of play, maintain field position and possession and frustrate the drags into submission. They are a tough opposition but are beatable :sign:

Because the Tigers fans will outnumber the dragons fans and bring our boys home

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Because Darius Boyd is a houso smart ar$e everyone wants to punch in the face. Just read these boards for proof. 

If we have the most points after 80 mins! Haha

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Because dragons are a myth

Dragons are consistent but don’t have an extra gear for the semi’s. Look at what happened to them in 2009. Hopefully a repeat.

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With our defence our defence and our defence
This is how to win semis
If we keep every team we play to 12 or less during the semis they may as well start engraving our name on the premiership right now

The dragons side wears fairy wings at training and compare nail polish.

Oh and…

Jamie Soward wasn’t actually having back spasms at the last tigers game, his spine just got so cowardly and and ran onto the bench…


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Becausew we have improved as a team in 2011 and they have gone backwards.

because Benji is better than Soward

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