Should i skip work this friday?

Okay so I have been rostered to work this friday from 430 to 830, :bawling missing the whole game live at home instead of waiting for it on

dilemma…should i call in sick friday morning?

they usually dont have a problem with it but usually i am actually feeling sick 😃

whats the thoughts?

If you can’t get a mate to swap shifts with you, then leg it.

i’ m in the same bout mate rostered on 6am -7pm and with 90min trav each way to work, and the 2hour trip to sydney, then rostered on again at 6 the next morning im gunna have to give it miss and hopefully saving my sicky till the GF . The mrs and kids are going down so there’ll be some support from my tigers dens

For sure mate….gotta watch it live.

I can hear you coughing already.

You don’t sound well, and are looking a little pasty from where i sit.

4:30pm - 8:30pm shift?

Where do you work?

Sounds like a casual job. I would definitely be taking the sickie.

Yes, your boss sounds sick himself, making you miss a WT final. That’s cruel

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I’m giving up teppanyaki for a friends bday

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Im giving up some quality time with the wife … Damn shame that !

Your obviously unwell and delirious if you think you can miss the game live. I think any dr would agree the only cure is a Friday night at home resting and watching whatevers on the Telly!

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i would go sick by 4 and have a long weekend,ha ha ha. :roll

This way you can line up and get your ticket next Monday (12 september) for the 2nd semi. 😉

i think your coming down with black,gold,white fever.My advice is stay away from work until you get your fix of the Tigers.

As long as you’re not the bloke that serves the beers near the members at ANZ or the lovely young lady that ushers me to my seats, take the sickie and sieze the day my friend.

Are you a pizza boy? lol…

I’m working but just 9 to 530 but I’ll more than likely miss half the grand final.
Depending on what time kick off is, should be home by 4:30 p.m that afternoon, so hopefully just miss the terrible opening acts.

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