Sheens now n Takin Sport

Talkin Sport ( Sydney 2SM) interviewing Coach Sheens now

He said that the team is having a late training session tomorrow at ANZ Stadium tonight arvo , when he will know more on whether Lawrence is fit enough to take the field on Friday night.He will still give him to the last moment to prove his fitness.
He did say that no team would be wanting to meet the Premiers , who are the only team in the finals with their full squad fit to pick from.
Has been very happy with the way the other attacking players (Robbie , Lui & Moltzen ) have been playing and that it should take some heat from Marshal
The way all the teams are lining up this week , there is a massive danger for the loser if this game to be knocked out , but feels very confident in his team this weekend .
He was asked about if he thinks what Bennett might have up his sleeve and he said he doesn’t dream about him or lose any sleep over it.
He is very upset to playing their home final at ANZ instead of one of their home grounds , ANZ where they beat the Dragons only 6 weeks ago . He will be very disappointed if the crowd will not be over 40,000.
But the team has to get over that and just focus on winning this game .
Said the Dragons play a very structed game which is their strength but always the weakness as a bit predictable and the team knows what to do to overcome them

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