18-10 Dragons

We will have momentum in the first twenty and score, but it will switch to the dragons and they will control it from there . A late try will give us a chance but Benji misses a goal from the sideline

Fts - Lote
Lts - Ryan

What are your predictions ?

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Hope your way off.
Tigers by 8

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Tigers 25 dragons 24

FTS The Beauster
LTS Gareth
MOM Farah
Crowd 57698

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Wests Tigers: 20 (Marshall, Ellis, Brown, Lui Tries, Marshall 2/4 Goals)
St George Dragons: 12 (Nightingale, Green Tries, Soward 2/3 Goals)

FTS: Rob Lui - Tigers Sweeping play from Left to right Lui holds the ball up in the line as Cooper Races out (like an idiot), Lui steps inside him and scored midway between the posts and the RH corner post. Marshall Converts! 6-2 14 minutes in.

LTS: Tigers coming out of there own half nothing really doing. Lui cut out passes across to Ellis, gets Gasnier and the genius (Beau scott) interested, BRILLIANT flick pass to Mitch Brown and he’s away! Over the halfway, the 40, the 30, Sprints away from Gasnier, wheres the support? Here comes Moltzen! Brown RUNS AWAY FROM MOLTZEN! (lolz) comes to Darius Boyd…. he TAKES ON BOYD!!LEFT FOOT STEP TURN OF SPEED!!! BROWN! BOYD COMES AGAIN! BOYD DIVES…, Misses!!! TRY!!! Brown brings it around under the sticks, Jamie Sowards shoulders drop! 18-12 kick to come, 75th minute.

HTS Dragons 8-6

MOM - Lui

Crowd - 63,469

Very hard to predict, WTs has the ability to win the game which makes me look forward to friday, by the same token the dragons are also capable of winning. WTs to win by 1 or 100 just get the win. The crowd will be over 50k and the ground will look good thanks to the efforts of those WTs supporters who are able to go to ANZ and decorate (thanks to those people for their effort).

MOM- Ellis or Ayshford

Tigers 15
Dragons 8

FTS - Ryan
LTS - Lui
HT - Tigers 9-2
MOM - Farah
Crowd 47 500

Never do this well, so have given up in the past. have resurrected the crystal and it shone brightly with the Tigers winning 32-18. Predicts that shocking 35-55 minute flat spot, but a race ahead near the end. Strangely it shows a smokey vision of Lawrence scoring a try.

wests 19 illawarra 18

crowd: around 55,000

first try scorer: moltzen
last try scorer: gasnier
man of the match: marshall


wests 19 illawarra 18

crowd: around 55,000

first try scorer: moltzen
last try scorer: gasnier
man of the match: marshall

Hey Alien Thats my scoreline as well 19-18
70000 plus crowd FTS Lui LTS Ayshford MOM Farah HT 12-6 Tigers

wests-tiger 25
dragons 18.

anything can happen in finals footy. 🙏
am just going to enjoy the ride. :sign:

I am very calm about this game which is normally a good sign.

Tigers 24

Dragons 12

Toigahs - 16
Mark Gasnier Appreciation Society - 12

Crowd - 62,000

FTS - Brett Morris
LTS - Blake Ayshford

Tigers 21 - Dragons 8

Tiges to lead all game with Ellis, Lote and Marshal crossing. Dragons strat their scoring with a penalty….like always…and post the one lone try to Nightingale off a Soward bomb. Farah to score a 1 pointer and keep us 13 in front. Defense holds Dragons out for the last 15 minutes.

Benji MOM due to the unbelievable work he does to put Lote over and the amazing stepping and chip and chase to score himself.

Brisbane and Manly both get done and Dragons exit the finals in week 1.

Wests 62
St.George-Illawarra 5

FTS - Lote
LTS - Liam

MOM - The Messiah

Crowd - 52,005

Average Pulse rate of a Wests Tigers fan - 150bpm

Tigers 26
Saints 16

Crowd 52,553

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