Slater got lucky??

I personally reckon he did with his last game against manly not at his best and also didn’t feature last game, so I don’t know how he got top spot…. Benji on the other hand should of been awarded PTS in the roosters game which he wasn’t… Last game he didn’t deserve any as he wasn’t at his best…

What’s ur thoughts???

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Slater is a good player but benji is so game changing and simply a league magician… Should have one but thats the nature of the beast!

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Both deserving but you can’t take it away from Slater… He has been absolutely brilliant from game one… The guy is just as freakish, if not more (in a different way) to Benji. The are both brilliant.
The award doesn’t mean much though. How can anyone take seriously an award that is supposed to award consistently high performances throughout out an entire season yet Lockyer has NEVER won it and Matt Orford and Todd Carney have???

Haha, appropriate username Benji given your thread title.

No he didn’t get lucky, it was well deserved.

Slater deserves it and Benji will win it in two years time when consistency is on his side!

While I would have loved to see Benji win I really felt for Billy as he felt that by not playing the final game he had blown his chance.
By the same token what about JT, so far out in front before he got injured in a rep game and then there’s Randy/Glen Stewart, penalised 9 points for his shennanigans against the Storm, the forgotten Stewart brother blew his chance for Dally M fame and fortune by trying to prove he was a tough guy!.
It won’t be long before one of our players scores the Dally M, but it won’t be the stand out play maker, I believe it will be the honest toiler, when you have so many stars in a side they take away the points from each other.

anyone who wins the Dally M doesn’t win it based on luck
by your arguement had Marshall won it we could have said he was lucky to win it because Thurston sat out half the season when he had the medal in the bag

I know we all wish our guy won, but credit where credit is due, Slater is an amazing player who had a great year and a deserved winner.
If Benji had of jagged it, he would have been also a deserved winner.

I reckon had of Benji won it, there would be Melbourne fans pointing out the games where they thought Benji got more than he should have and games where billy could have got more, nature of the beast

Don’t forget it is not often that the Dally M Player of the year is part of the team that takes out the Grand Final! So is this an OMEN?

Slater deserved it. Benji just wasn’t as consistent but is certainly improving in that department and if the Tigers have a better run with injuries next season then he could very well win it.

I wouldnt say Slater was lucky….he has had a great year in all forms of the game. His victory was enhanced though by JT’s injury and Stewarts suspension but then again Cooper and Smith both took points off him as they polled very strongly as well.

Deserved victory.

Anyone who got within a sniff of winning it would be a deserved winner(Thurston, Cronk, Benji, et al.) These conspiracy theories are wearing a little thin.

@Cultured Bogan:

Anyone who got within a sniff of winning it would be a deserved winner(Thurston, Cronk, Benji, et al.) These conspiracy theories are wearing a little thin.

couldn’t agree more

Slater seems like a pretty good bloke to boot.Always got a smile on his face and looks like he enjoys himself on the field.

been lucky enough to see most of the fullback legends- langlands,Thornett,Johns -they may have been tougher,but Slater has his amazing speed and athleticism.He does things these others couldn’t.

In 20 years time,people will still be talkng about Slater.

So,pretty much a deserving winner in my opinion.

Slater deserves the win, no doubt.

What puzzled me though, was the fact that two Cronulla players polled points in a losing side in that last game. Whilst we didn’t play our best, and Cronulla were within a sniff for most of the game, there is no way in this world that Jeremy Smith or Gallen played better than every other Tigers player.

Before anyone suggests that occasionally losing teams get points, I understand and they maybe justified occasionally during a golden point game or something. But this game, no chance……

I wonder who the judge was for that game, and what did they base their points on?

Doesn’t alter the final tally, as I don’t think Benji should have got those points. But makes you wonder about the motivation of giving Gallen points when he was close to being in the hunt…?

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