Tim Sheens payback time for Darius Boyd

DARIUS Boyd spent much of last year’s Four Nations tournament on the booze with Kangaroo second-stringers Todd Carney and Anthony Watmough after being overlooked by Tim Sheens for the Test team. Now it’s payback time.
The Clive Churchill Medallist from St George Illawarra’s grand final victory not only lines up against Sheens in tomorrow night’s blockbuster qualifying final but also the man who stole his green and gold jersey - Tigers winger Lote Tuqiri.

At the time, Sheens was accused of personally favouring his own Wests Tigers player over the grand final man-of-the-match and regular winger in Queensland’s all-conquering State of Origin team.

Last night a furious Sheens accused The Daily Telegraph of regurgitating a bitter old story, declaring “I’m not going to get involved that stuff. I’m coaching the Wests Tigers, not Australia.” He then suggested I ring the selectors to ask about Boyd’s omission, before angrily saying he had nothing left to speak about “on the record”.

Boyd was known to be upset about last year’s Four Nations snubbing and again being overlooked for Brett Morris and Jharal Yow Yeh in the Anzac Test this year on the Gold Coast.

“Of course he was upset,” said a high-placed Dragons source.

"But don’t bother ringing him to talk about it.

“He wants to go to England with Sheens so he’s not going to bag him or start talking about getting revenge. He wants to play well every weekend, especially so in a qualifying final.”

Selectors included Boyd in the original 20-man squad for the series but from that point Sheens chose the 17-man outfits for each of the Tests against New Zealand, England and PNG, and the final against the Kiwis.

Almost 40,000 tickets had last night been sold for the clash between the premiership’s hottest rivals at ANZ Stadium tomorrow night.

Officials are hoping for a crowd in excess of 50,000.

What a loser. I hope the Tigers smash him.

I don’t think Sheens will be focused on this stuff. Boyd was left out of the test team as mentioned above for reasons and these are what Sheens would focus on for tomorrow night, to the WTs advantage.

Let me guess… This article was dredged up by the Terrorgraph?

Boyd has an inflated ego that’s gonna go pop tomorrow night

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Boyd is a petulant little turd. Remember his interview from last year? He can’t get by without his daddy (Bennett) and needs to get over it.

Anyway, so what if he wants revenge on Sheens? Our whole team wants revenge on the Dragqueens for last year’s semi.

Boyd carefactor? Zero

Nice work DT… I agree with the fact Boyd should of been picked ahead of Tuqiri, but if he got caught up in the drinking with his 2 booze brothers, it serves him right.

Didnt Watmough have a similar falling out with Sheens during last years Four Nations? I think we now know why…

Suck it up Darius, I hope Tuqiri runs over the top of you to score!!!

Hmmm an article with the only quoted source being the one telling them to shove off and the mystical high placed Dragons source. Give them the Walkely Award now.

The only point of interest is the crowd figure but the DT have declared events as near sellouts before when they weren’t keeping crowds away so as that is not from a verifiable source than the entire article if utter fluff

It’s yet another piece of rubbish dredged up by Tool of the decade - Rothfield.

“Of course he was upset,” said a high-placed Dragons source.

“But don’t bother ringing him to talk about it.”

In other words: Telegraph = bullshit, once again. Same as it ever was, same as it ever will be.

I wouldn’t surprised if that is how Darius feels - it’s all about him.

No wonder he is reportedly on the nose with some team mates at the dragons…

I’m sure Sheens will waste zero time with this and if Boyd carries this grudge into the game, I guarantee it will do his team more harm than good.

I’m surprised it took until Thursday for Rothfield and his hacks to try and paint us in a bad light.

Another ridiculous “article” by that filthy dunny rag….

Boyd should have been in that side but fair dinkum what a beat up.

Lol Boyd was injured for the ANZAC test this year, not over looked. More quality journalism.

I hope next time Darius Boyd screams out when he charges at oncoming defense, Galloway, Gibbs and Ellis leave him winded.

If he was anymore stupid you would have to water him.

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