Is laurence playing

Intersesting Rabs and Broman reckons chris wont play.Does anyone know???

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Who knows? But I hate the fact the majority of them favor the dragbitches everyone’s attitude has gone to fear the dragons and that’s what they love I hope the tigers approach the game with anger and superiority and send those bitches back to chokeville.

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Todd Payten was on the One HD footy show earlier tonight and said Lawrence would play, but a forumer on here, who appears to be ‘in the know’, stated in another thread that he won’t be playing! So, who do we believe? I guess we’ll find out the truth tomorrow night.

Courier Mail in Brisbane is saying the same thing
But I am a bit of an amatuer body language student
Watched Toddy a few times on the game plan and studied his response the way he answers that question compared to the other questions ie body language , voice ,eye contact etc don’t change
So unless Todd doesn’t know , he is acting like he thinks he 's telling the truth (If that makes sense)
Or he is a good liar
Tiger99 has been on the mark also with his info also

perhaps they havent decided yet

The Tigers were still sweating on the fitness of centre Chris Lawrence last night. He was named to make his return from a hamstring injury, and trained last night.

‘‘If he does play it’s a bonus,’’ Sheens said.–were-ready-20110908-1jzye.html#ixzz1XNNEWlJi

mmmmmm who knows shifty sheensy!!

yeah it says there he did train.


yeah it says there he did train.

Well I’m more likely to believe the SMH over the Terrorgraph

Tiger99 is always on the money. He is saying no chance. I believe him.

According to Telegraph…Lawrence is out!

I must be brain dead cause I can’t see why Utai is preferred to Brown. Help!

Maybe Payto wasnt at training yesterday? He was definetly saying that Chris was in.

Lawrence is out guys. A big blow but it can’t be helped.

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