Wet weather football

Is going to suit the Dragons. Defend, kick, chase. Defend, kick, chase. Control the game. Low scoring game.

To win this one, we will need to upset their rhythm. Defend like hell. Kick deep. Control the ball early and cut loose late in the tackle count. Will be difficult in the wet but if we can control the ball, and play some razzle dazzle (without dropping it too much) then we can win. We dont want to get in an arm wrestle. Score early and get in their faces.

Cmon tigers!!

Drove on Homebush Road at 5am past ANZ and it was coming down….frigging rain…plays right into the Chockers grinding gameplan.
This will make it even better when we beat them by 12 points tonight :sign:

If, and that’s a big IF, we can get field position, the short kicking game into the in-goal from Farah, Marshall and Lui will be lethal.

I’m in QLD can you guys keep me updated on todays weather around homebush please?
Has it been wet through the week or just overnight/this morning?
Whats the weather prediction for this arvo/tonight?

This is the forecast from the BOM:

“Cloudy. Rain at times easing in the afternoon. Winds west to southwesterly averaging up to 45 km/h”

If that is how it turns out then its not too bad; those winds should help to keep the playing surface reasonable.

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