NYC Live Game Thread Finals Week 1 VS Cowboys

Well we are in a sudden death match. Should be a ripper against one of our big rivals. Hope the young cubs can show their potential.

LIVE ON FOX SPORTS 1 for those who want to watch at home.


I notice on the NRL Live Scorebard they have a Video Ref listed for this game. Do they use the Video for Finals only in U20’s?

Yes they do in the finals after we were robbed against the storm.

Players are on the field. Here we go!

Cowboys make a 30 metre break from the kick off. Terrible defense.

They score off the first set. Diabolical attempt at catching from Tedesco.

Looks like a Saunders try… off to the video ref.

Sweet. Hopefully this gives the team some confidence.

Cowboys Score walking straight throught the middle.

Sounds like some very soft defence from the Tigers.

this side is awful beyond belief should be rubbed out tonight they have been embarrising all year they look like there asleep bad bad

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