3, 2, 1

I’ll set it off…

3. Lui
2. Fulton
1. Benji

3 Fulton
2 Farah
1 Ellis

Hard to fault anyone except Lote and Utai. Special mentions for Moltzen and Ayshford, Benji

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Special mentions Moltzen , Gibbs ,Rhino ,Woods and Keefy

Only seen live which makes hard but


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3. Fulton
2. Galloway
1. Woods

3. Lui - loves playing the Dragons!
2. Fulton
1. Galloway/Farah

3. lui … i am seriously eating huge chunks of humble pie and don’t mind saying so. outstanding game !!
2. fults … full 80 in defence and attack. getting better withage
1. benji … what else can be said about the best player in the game

3. Lui
2. Fulton
1. Galloway/Farah/Marshall

Never thought I’d say it……

Moltzen 3

Lui 2

Liam 1

And I called for Moltz and Lui to be sacked mid season.

Negatives = Lote a shocker (he’ll bounce back) and Utai absolutely woeful in defense. Could not have possibly missed more tackles if he tried.

3 Fulton
2 Woods
1 Benji

Negatives: Didn’t see Lote do a thing right tonight

I’m going:
Liam, there can’t be a better defender in the game and his running is getting better every week
Big Keith, for storming at the St G defence all night (and the kick-pickup Gus went crazy over)
Moltzen, brilliant game, faultless bar one poor kick-thru.

Special mentions to Robbie, Gareth and Heighno - all outstanding.

3 - Lui
2 - Moltzen
1 - Farah

Big mention to Fulton too, he was great.

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3. Fulton
2. Lui
1. Marshall

Notable mentions to Galloway, Ayshford and Moltzen.

3. Lui - his defense has improved so much over the last month and he was our most dangerous player with the ball in his hands. His pass to Heino to score the match winning try with 15 mins to go was awesome.

2. Moltzen - never seem him hit the defensive line harder. Took some magnificent bombs under immense pressure.

1. Fulton - trendendous in both attack and defence. Was involved in everything.

Needs improvement - Tuquri had an absolute shocker. I used to worry every time Mackinnon was on the field in the past and now Tuquri has the same affect. Lote has become our weakest link. Tonght he ran sideways, dropped the ball when tackled on simple hit ups, never looked like ever breaking a tackle when ever he had the ball and consistently put the entire team under massive pressure on many occasions. I would be much happier with Beau Ryan and Utai as our wingers or even Mitch Brown.


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