Club record: 9 straight wins

1. Rd 19 v NQ Cowboys 38-18
2. Rd 20 v Roosters 19-12
3. Rd 21 v Manly 14-12
4 Rd 22 v Dragons 16-14
5 Rd 23 v Penrith 32-18
6 Rd 24 v Parra 31-12
7 Rd 25 v Titans 39-10
8 Rd 26 v Sharks 30-22
9 Qual Final v Dragons 21-12

Keep it going boys.


Brilliant stuff. What a turnaround when it looked like we would be heading towards obscurity again! To do it with the huge injury toll, everyone at the club deserves a huge wrap.

Some of those games too were like tonites where at times we looked gooornskis….amazing how the game has changed re momentum, possesion etc…although even when we do play like crap we are still getting wins.
Very weird…its a long way from 05 really

I think Sheens and Co need a huge wrap for turning this club round Just think ten weeks ago we got belted by Parra and 11 weeks ago we got toasted by the Dogs What a turnaround

Great effort by the whole club .So happy we won

Imagine how much we’re going to win the GF by when we play for a full 80 minutes for the first time ever :slight_smile:

Great effort to win 9 in a row. Few more to go though :slight_smile:

Great record WT

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Testament to Sheens. I know a lot of us question him, but the faith he shows in the overall plan, kudos. Go Tigers…!

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Awesome well done wests tigers….keep it rolling…im on the bandwagon for the ride

I am shocked really. After the year we had with injuries, contract negotiations and some of those ordinary losses and awkward narrow wins we had, I just didn’t think that we could win 9 in a row.

Congratulations to the players, coaching staff and the fans!

Congrats boys! Well done! Given the injuries and player turmoil… an absolutely WONDERFUL achievement

Heads up lads! Another record broken this year, fantastic achievement, lets make it 10 next week (or the week after if the results pan out in such a way.)

With the best Hooker in the world in Robbie Farah, and the best player in the world in Benji, it certainly helps.

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