I'm going to say this......


This is a great place to come on & visit & read all things TIGERS!!!

I take comfort in the fact that win or lose; I can share the happiness or the pain with fellow supporters (Especially as I live out of Sydney & in a rival’s post code)

As the pessimist that I am, I wanted to put this thread on anyhow, win or lose(I didnt give us a chance-even though i took us 1-12 :slight_smile:)

Congratulatioins to the team tonight; I’m unbelievably proud of their efforts & all TIGERS fan :righton:

Extra special thanks to the people that started & keep this forum going.


Great place to come and rejoice or commiserate.

Same for me, sitting alone in my room in Paris France.

Thank God for the WT Forum.

Totally agree with all other comments
Don’t ever let the Forum die

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