Who was at tonight game?

Hey tigers 😃

Who was at tonight’s game and what bays where u in?!
Also I had to leave early but did the players do a lap of honor and who got man of the match???

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I was at the game. The players did a Lap of honor. Liam Fulton got MOM.

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I was there, bay 112, row 18. Atmosphere was pretty great considering the ground was slightly more than half full.

Yeh looked as though he deserved it! Moltzen has been amazing! Shame to lose him to the dragons next yr

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Bay 113. Got a bit wet, but happy to do so.

131 row 5 or 6.

Not my seats but it was out of the rain And the seats up there are more comfy plus they have cup holders!

i was there bay 109, i think it was row 14. i was the one with the C’MON WESTS banner 😃

Saw you about a dozen times Alien lol…

Bay 108, row 25……just a little under cover.
WOW…what fun tonight.

in one of the private suites nearly on half way. was the only tigers supporter in the whole group…very unpopular by nights end! expensive but well worth the money in booze alone!

Bay 408 row 2 - under cover and great for waving goodbye to the chokers army as they left!

Hey Alien, I was sitting right behind you, row 15. Good win tonight, but I know we can still play better. Other finalists should be nervous. Go you Tigers.

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saw you Alien in amougst it afterwards when the tigers chant was going off and everyone had their banners up. The ‘CHOKE ON THAT’ banner was a touch of genius

i was in bay 110, front row on the fence and only about 15 metres away when the guyz came over afterwards pumping the crowd up. How good was that? the Beauster was going nuts. Got into it so much he almost tripped over the corner post :slight_smile:

also noticed straight after Benji finished an interview, Farah made a beeline straight for him and they immediatley high fived and hugged. Yeah they hate each other alright 😒 Choke on that Andrew Webster 😎

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